frozen shoulder

  1. vickythecat

    Video: Basic Yoga Moves for Fibromyalgia

    I had been practicing yoga for many years before fibro and frozen shoulder took that away from me. But the basic moves of yoga have always been with me, wherever I am (at home, at work, in the car/bus etc.) This video seems to explain those basic moves in detail. They really help with pain and...
  2. A

    everything has changed again!

    Hi all, In the last 6 years since I was diagnosed everything changed as I know that happens to all of us, now things have changed for me again. I have always used my crutches when I go out walking as my bursitis in my knees and hips are always flaring up but now I am house bound with a frozen...
  3. vickythecat

    Been here a while

    I just noticed that I never posted here even though I have been on this forum for a while now. I am Denise, 39 years old, lived with mental illness my whole life. Especially severe social anxiety has made life very very very difficult. I grew up knowing 'normal' things like relationships...
  4. vickythecat

    Found a way to be taken seriously by doctors

    I am sure we have all been there - been to a doctor who would not take our complaints seriously. Giving us advice such as 'exercise more, eat more, get out more, do things you like more. it could be depression, take it easy' etc etc etc. It is the one thing we do not need when we are already...
  5. U

    Anyone else injured by physical therapy?

    My GP sent me to PT for my back and neck pain. The therapist started by giving me about 10 minutes of exercises to do at home, but each session he added more and more and I kept getting worse and worse pain in my shoulders. By the time I quit I was up to 2 hours worth of exercises every day! Now...
  6. B


    There have been a number of previous posts on acupuncture and whether or not these treatments have helped, but unfortunately those threads have been closed. So I guess I’ll just start a new one explaining my own experience. If anyone would like to share their recent experience with...
  7. EllaForgotten

    Recent diagnosis & overwhelmed with despair.

    I'm new to the forums and have been reading a bit. I have so many symptoms that no doctors (and I see many) will give me an answer or solution other than medications that will make me sicker. I feel like I'm slowly dying, literally, and I can't for the life of me understand why doctors simply...