1. N

    who is the best doctor in Dallas about Fibromyalgia

    I have three doctors recommendation Dr. Scott Zashin Dr. Zoran Kurepa Dr. Iftikhar Chowdhry Several good reviews about Dr. Scott Zashin but he do not accept insurance Please, my pain and disorder sleep is increase Thank you
  2. B

    Husband Day to Day

    New to the forum and wanted to reach out to those of you that could offer some guidance on care giving role I play. My wife of 35 years has battled Fibro for 7 years now. Background: I still work full time and have to travel out of town occasionally. She manages pain with Butrans patch and...
  3. D

    I’m new here

    Just trying to learn the ropes here. I was diagnosed in ‘98 . Took me awhile to wrap my head around diagnoses because I had never heard of it and of course if I hadn’t heard of it then it must not be true lol. I can handle the pain, it’s the fatigue that I can not manage. I feel very worthless...
  4. S


    Hello What´s the best type of magnesium? and the good brand´s? in USA. thanks
  5. M

    My Alternatives.

    Did you believe that the cannabis as also known as only for addiction is now can be your alternative medicine? Cannabis now has many benefits that will be good for your health. Cannabis oil is produced by extracting the resin of the female cannabis plant using a solvent. After the resin is...
  6. MorgueKitty


    Good day or evening, My name is Morgan (or Morg for short), and I am new to the site. I have been living with fibro symptoms for the last 15 years or so. I started noticing the symptoms when I was about 16. It started with random muscle and joint pain, and then went on to include migraines...
  7. H

    Help and support

    Hi. I'm new to this. I have been diagnosed with M.E and fibromyalgia. I have really low mood and I think I've tried most anti depressants. I'm currently taking amitriptyline 50mg. I tried to go up to 75mg but couldn't tolerate this so had to come down again. I don't really know if it is...
  8. H

    In a Long distance relationship with a Fibromyalgia sufferer

    I have been in a relationship with a girl with fibromyalgia for about 6 months now and our first flair together started about 6 weeks ago. We used to talk all day everyday between texting, phone calls, and playing video games together and fell for each other fast and hard, and about a week or so...
  9. S

    I'm New ... and in pain

    Hi. I'm new here and have never done a forum of any kind before, so forgive any ignorance in how this works. I think I may have had on and off fibro symptoms for possibly the last 10-ish years, but it went unrecognized until last October. I was in my Senior year of college and feeling so out...
  10. P

    Gabapentin - insanely awake.

    TLDR; I've gone from sleeping 16-22 hours per day to sleeping only 3 hours and feeling super wide awake and active since taking Gabapentin. Anyone else experience this side effect? So I've been on Gabapentin 300mg 4x daily (1@breakfast, 1@lunch, 2@bedtime) to treat fibromyalgia for almost a...