1. R

    Possibly Fibro?

    I have been going to a doctor for a few years trying to get a diagnosis. In the last two years we have discussed the following: Quick, stabbing pains or lingering pains in random areas of the body Tingling, numbness or burning sensation in extremities, skin feeling tight...
  2. 1sweed

    Do Any Of You Have Asperger's Along With Fibromyalgia?

    While I know we all struggle with Fibro here I wondered if anyone has ever been tested for autism and found they may have Asperger, which is the high intelligent end on the spectrum? I am going through some testing now to determine if I might have this condition and it would be nice to know if...
  3. R

    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    Hi! I hope you are all well, I just need abit of advice and help before I go to the dr. For years (at least 10) I have had pain, painful big knots, tightness, throbbing in my neck and shoulders, I get really bad headaches, sensitivity to light, weakness and vomiting. It isn’t constant but I get...
  4. K


    Hello, everyone I am a new Member and I am very happy to get acquainted with the people. I urge you to exchange information with people more easily. Thanks
  5. R

    Hello! I'm Rhi and I have Fibro/CFS and diabetes.

    For years, my previous doctor told me that I was exhausted and in pain because I had sleep apnea even though I never once snored or stopped breathing in my sleep. He told me I was overweight and all my pain was because I was too fat. (I don't disagree that my weight was an issue, however at this...
  6. C

    Health writer - Seeking women living with fibromyalgia

    I am a health writer and woman living with fibromyalgia. I am creating a website to help other women living with fibromyalgia and am looking for feedback on the content. If you are interested in providing me with your thoughts and comments on newsletters, articles and chapters of new e-books...
  7. S

    Help me?

    Is there a moderator or administrator that I could speak with about removing some inaccurate information displayed about me by this web site? I have been attempting for years to speak with someone on this matter but no one has ever responded to me. Thanks very much for your help!
  8. 1sweed

    How To Manage On A Tight Budget With Fibro

    I have always struggled with this issue as lots of times I had to make a choice between eating healthy or going to the doctor or buying medication. With any health plan this is always going to be tough for those of us that live on a very small income. My disability income is less than $500 a...
  9. M

    Easy resolution

    So hear ye hear ye! Tis time to give ones self a huge break from the worlds exspectation, let alone your own family members. One may say " Well its about time. " Or, to what privalege does one induldge in such wealth of positive information?? lol lol . ... So hear is my wonderful news. Guess...
  10. N

    Terrible Doctor

    My name is Nicole and this is the first time I'm posting on here. I was diagnosed two days ago by a rhumetologist. My pcp has been an NP at a local clinic. The clinic serves Native Americans as well as low income families and because I've been unable to work for about a year due to chronic pain...