locked in

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    Hi everyone another new one here :-)

    Hi I have been recently diagnosed with fibro. It is no big surprise to me that my body is finally manifesting these issues after years of chronic stress and various traumas. Even still i think i have been in the denial stages. I am experiencing a multitude of emotions, pain, physical and...
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    Can't sleep

    Can't sleep....3am in the UK. Third night awake almost all night. Got lots on my mind. Not making progress. Taking antibiotiocs but after a week am worse. Phoned Doc to speak to her but she didn't ring back and now she's not in until Wednesday. I wanted a swob test for accurate diagnosis not...
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    Hi i had big emotional stress that took ages to resolve and let it affect me way too much. i have been tearful and at kind of breakdown for months and stopped coping with pain, got panicky as everything became more severe...every tiny thing that i could do before no caused unbearable pain,,,then...
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    life punishment

    well this will probably be deleted or ban me o well im in a mood I wander life and the internet hater rejected ridiculed laughed at for what i cant change i walk this life alone my path has been chosen for me to be alone alone and rejected until the end of time the end of time will it be...
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    Fighting it

    Diagnosed a little while ago but still fighting to accept it. This level of disabling pain and fatigue just doesn't fit my picture of me. I keep thinking it will go away soon or I will get a magic pill and I will jump back into life. I am really resenting it. I don't want to accept it because...