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  • Hi Willow, I am not good at navigating on this forum yet. I think you had posted a question to me asking didn't MS and RA kind of "cover" fibro? My docs assumed so and so did I till I started to get pain in parts of my body I hadn't yet had from MS or RA....the truth is that it is VERY difficult to know what the source of some of my symptoms is from. I try to keep up with RA, MS, fibro and SS so that if I can learn a tip I can use it. I was very frustrated to have about 3 weeks of this newer pain. It seems to have settled down a bit now. I continuously struggle to keep a glass half full attitude and usually am able to do it but every now and again something sets be back and I spiral down a bit.
    Hi Willow, Thanks for the support. Just wondering what kind of medications you take for pain? I am also suffering with some anxiety and severe fatigue. I am only 47, but feel 87. I am grieving my former life right now and wondering how I can manage the rest of my life like this.
    Hi Willow Is this comeing to you as private?
    Look to the left column, see add friend? That's it click on my name.
    Hi Willow,
    It looks like people CAN view these messages. It shows to the right your recent visitors, so I'm not sure how to send a "private" message.
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