1. Tipnatee N

    What type of fibro are you?

    For a very long time I'm struggeling try to figure out why are there so many different type of pains that many fibro sufferer experiences?. Some fibro sufferer I don't share any common with at all, while some I share far too many. Can we categorize our symptoms ? Which type of fibro pains...
  2. D

    Pain/symptom question

    Aside from regular symptoms, the past 2 weeks i've had a specific problem area. It was on and off but for the last 4 days I've hadan extreme knot in my left shoulder blade which carries over to the left side of my neck. Can barely turn my head. I can actually feel the lump where the pain is...
  3. H

    Scary throat issues

    I have been dealing with a throat issue which includes hoarse voice, feeling like I need to swallow often but the throat doesn't feel like it is swallowing normal and sometimes I end up coughing. It is like there is a lump in the throat and the throat is closing up. Also, I have excess mucus...
  4. PattiD

    Ouch, thyriod biopsy

    :( I just got home from the ENT today. He did an ultrasound on a lump in my throat and he found two smaller ones on the other side. Then he did TWO rounds of needle biopsies. OUCH! My neck is so tender now. I will find out in two weeks what the results are. I have to say the thought of a...
  5. S

    Really body? Really?

    So I was putting makeup on today and noticed by my jaw there is a weird lump.. WTF now? Is this fibro related?
  6. K

    I think I have fibromyalgia... PLEASE HELP!

    I am 26 years old and I have a 6 year old daughter that is my world. Right after my daughter was born in 2007 I was in a very bad car accident with her father/ my fiance, neither of us were wearing our seat belts so he went through the windshield and passed away instantly. While i was...
  7. C

    Hello Everybody

    I guess I will start off saying that I am lactose intolerant, have IBS, have had my left ovary removed when I was 18, ganglion cycst removed from my left wrist, tonsils removed at age 25, hernia surgery in the exact spot that my ovary was removed, diagnosed with dry eye, have lipomas & have had...
  8. Fran

    My Sister, Myself, and I

    My sister has Fibromyalgia. I have seen what a struggle it has been for her. Really, it is not just my sister, but three of my aunts as well. Now something is happening to me. I do have a large lump on my spine, which might be why I feel so bad. I am supposed to see a neurosurgeon about it...