lymph node

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    No Dx yet - list of symptoms.

    This is my first post. Woohoo! ;) I have Crohns disease & since my last surgery 2 yrs ago I've been going downhill. It was a long recovery of 6 wks and then I got bronchitis. Since then I have daily aches, exhaustion, recently started migraines with aura, stiff neck, sore neck, and hip pain. My...
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    Mayo Fibro Treatment Program Anyone?!?!

    Hi Fellow Fibro friends! I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is also called "central sensitization disorder" by Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. They have recommended a two-day treatment program and I will be attending on Monday and Tuesday. I met with the psychologist that runs the...
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    New here

    I have had some odd symptoms for the past 2 years. It started with an itchy, tingling scalp and sporadic stinging sensations mainly on upper body( forearms, hands). Sometimes it feels like I have fiberglass insulation touching my skin, ants biting, etc. This sometimes goes into remission and...
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    Lymph nodes

    I haven't been given the official dignosis yet. I'm a 26 year old female. A year and a half ago all m lymph nodes became swollen. I had body aches, headaches, frequent urination, restless leg, brain fog. I had 100's of test done at first they thought I had lymphoma (blood work was fine and no...
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    Hi from Tampa...I don't believe in this diagnosis!

    Hi Everyone. My name is Tami. I'm 44 years old and I am newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. You are probably curious as to why I say I don't believe the diagnosis. Well, I have been having fatigue, skin pain?, memory/cognitive impairment, swollen lymph node in my neck, rash on my chest, joint...
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    Twitching and aching muscles question

    Dear all, I am a 25 year old male with some symptoms that have kept me worried over the last few months. The situation I have been dealing with in chronological order is the following: 1) Noticed an enlarged lymph node on my clavicle in December (painless and still enlarged at the same size...