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Jan 28, 2015
I have had some odd symptoms for the past 2 years. It started with an itchy, tingling scalp and sporadic stinging sensations mainly on upper body( forearms, hands). Sometimes it feels like I have fiberglass insulation touching my skin, ants biting, etc. This sometimes goes into remission and usually gets worse when I lay down. I have also had extreme fatigue/achy flu like symptoms that come and go.
I have muscle pain/burning and was found to have a swollen axillary lymph node that was removed and biopsied.(Benign/reactive).
I had an MRI of my cervical spine which show a herniated disc and most recently of my lumbar spine which revealed a small syrinx which the neurosurgeon is not too concerned about.
My most recent complaint is that I have a slightly metallic/bitter taste in mouth for 3 months now which I thought was from taking gabapentin. I have been off it for 2 months and it has not gone away. I had a ton of blood work, and only abnormal is vitamin d deficiency and sed rate of 28 which the doctor said is probably high because I am obese. I am a 46 year old female and very confused and depressed. They say they "think " I have fibro. I am thinking about going to MAYO in Rochester, MN ....I don't live too far away.
Does this sound like it could be fibromyalgia? The gabapentin didn't help the pricklies, but Savella did to a certain degree. Does anyone have the distorted taste?
Hi dizzygirl, I am also new here. In the last 3 months I developed a very bad taste in my mouth/throat. I did not have it before and I thought it was from medication also. I have now been thinking it was diabetes and am going to have a test for that. I am not happy about this fibromyalgia diagnosis and for me it seems to be worsening over the last year or so. Hope you get some answers and please keep us posted. Im so curious about this disorder. I want some answers! Peace to you....
Welcome both. First off could the pins and needles be from for back . Sometimes the nerve damage can do that. Also as for answear for fibro we all want them will find many of us have back probs I have a few compressed disks so I get pins and needles in the hands and head.
Fibro is a very complex illness .some ppl get worse quicker then others. But it seems more ppl once getting told they have fibro ,they tend to notice more pains ,the bad taste in the mouth could be meds,
I suffer flu like aches and pains a lot I get the shakes I stiffen up if I don't move my self, and at the end of the day once I do sit down im so stiff it's unreal. I can't work but I have a family to care for so im on my feet most of the day.
My hands get very sore and puffy ,I can have this for days or weeks then it will simply go away.
I went on a hour walk with the dogs yesterday and today feel like I been in the gym lol.pls feel free to ask us anything that confuses you both and we will try to help xx
Thank You. The taste problem could be burning mouth syndrome because at times different things, such as really salty things have burned my tongue. I guess there really is no cure for that. It is more common in women during menopause. I am 46 and still have monthly periods, so who knows? When I had my MRI 2 weeks ago, I could taste the saline that they flushed my iv with. I have heard that is common, but I have not experienced it before.
Anyway, thanks for the comments, and I am heading to MAYO in Rochester, MN on Feb. 2nd. Thankfully, its only an hour drive for me.
I was reading about small fiber neuropathy, and was wondering if it could be part of my problem.
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