1. Forgetmenot

    I went out

    Yes it's true I got so sick of my house my life my mood I went out.not only did I go out I took my little one to a warehouse that's turned into a jungle gym. While I sat there watching people with friends (remember them?).i felt so very lonely. So said damn it and I climbed up the mountain...
  2. M

    Pain meds

    a year after a very traumatic birth l have been diagnosed with fybromyalgia, l am very new to all this and Was just wondering what you all take for pain? Just now l am on 30mg dihydrocodeine x2 three times a day with little! I am a mummy to five small kids so NEED to be able...
  3. Forgetmenot

    Over done it

    well with Christmas two old in laws to cook for ,and my four wonderful children ,I've over done it. I'm my own worsed times. Even if I'm on all fours il still wash the floors. But today but the end of it I hurt , and I'm so stiff I can barly move. How do u tell a two year old mummy...
  4. Forgetmenot

    Funny things to cheer us up

    inwas talking to my eldest son .who is 18 and his brother who is 16. I was feeling very low when my elder son reminded me of something they both did when there were 6 and 4. We lived on a busy St.and most ppl on the school run,Would pass by my house twice a day. I'd gone in the kitchen I don't...