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  • Saw u post about u legs, don't know if I told u this before, share with someone. I recently got script from doc for a pain cream. It also has anti inflammatory and the nerve med like gabapenton. Will have to be ordered from a pharmacy that does compounding, but they ship it to my house and insurance covers all but 3 bucks. This stuff is a life saver. Keeps me on my feet. . . and legs
    Hi what is the name of this medication please. X
    Hi Forgetmenot, I am doing ok, thank you for asking. For the last few months I've not been on line much. I'm not sure why - maybe I'm just focused on helping the kids through school and the holidays. The cooler weather makes my symptoms a bit worse. I hope you are having a good new year. Did you get the snow you were hoping for? We have lots of snow up in the mountains. At the beginning of January we had a little snow and freezing rain down on the valley floor, but now we are back to rain. Take care, lots of love to you and yous :)
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    I noticed some people have been asking regards to aloe drinking gels and supplement.

    Can I just say how amazing they really are for fibromyalgia!

    Forever freedom drinking gel and bee pollen tablet have help me enormously with pain movement and energy!

    Also so that horrid fibromyalgia fog (depression)

    I would not be without now as I can now enjoy time with my family without the nasty after effects x
    Hello Forgetmenot.,
    I'd like to know more about you, are you new?, forgive me if I missed something and I should realize.
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