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  1. 1sweed

    A Natural Approach to Fibromyalgia

  2. 1sweed

    Fibromyalgia/Hypermobile knee pain relief

  3. S

    so annoyed

    Once I went on the antidepressant medication last summer I found I could cut down on the pain meds a bit, going from 3x day to 2x day on most days. So last appointment I told the Dr. I could just get a scrip for 2xday. I had a few left over that time, because I had cut down, so did not fill...
  4. H

    A Physician Who Gets It.

    I posted earlier a link to this article. I didn't realize that registration was needed to view the article. Here is the article. "Vancouver – “We have less power, pharmacologically, than we thought. The vast majority of people are getting adverse effects in return for nothing,” said Dr. Tom...
  5. D

    Amitriptyline - does it help?

    Hello all, I'm 20 and have very recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, although have suffered from it for around a year now. Alongside this, I have two shoulder conditions separate to the Fibro troubles, which I have been treated for for around 5 years now. After failed methods of treating...
  6. M


    Has anyone tried going to a chiropractor? Any pain relief?
  7. C

    medical marijuana

    I've been suffering from a back injury for months now, and been dosing my self with a lot of pain relievers. I'm starting to think that I might take away the pain of my back with the meds i'm but at the same time punishing my liver slowly. So I started reading articles about marijuana and it's...
  8. DoobieBrother

    Merry Christmas to all !

    :smile: Christmas has always been a HUGE deal to me, so I wish my fellow FM patients the best of this wonderful season, and may the Pain Relief Fairie (I just made that up..... cut me a little slack here) visit you often. Merry Christmas to you and yours, from me and mine :p:p
  9. S


    Hey guys I'm Sophie, 24, I've had fibro for 2 years, only been diagnosed for about a month. What this means is that I've had a LOT of pain and almost no treatments because no one knew what was wrong with me. My pain seems to cling to one or two areas of the body, so I would get diagnosed with...
  10. T

    Boswella Serrata for pain relief and inflammation

    I just started to use Boswella Serrata in place of Ibuprofen or Acetaminaphen. I do notice a reduction in pain. I was told that it works similarly if not better than OTC pain relievers without the stomach upset too. I try to use natural "Meds" since I cannot tolerate pharmaceuticals. I have high...