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    Plexus products with fibromyalgia and chronic pain

    I have seen lots of closed threads discussing Plexus products with fibromyalgia, so I figured I'd start an open one and share my story. I have dealt with chronic pain for over 10 years, and quickly reached the point where an sort of "pain killer" truly did nothing. As a single mum and teacher...
  2. J

    Fibromyalgia and Plexus Scam

    Hello Everyone, I am a true 20+ year fibromyalgia lady who has suffered in so many different health issues because of this hidden illness. I was on so many different medicines that I could not focus and being an accountant that was very hard. Thank God I had good employers. They understood my...
  3. T

    Plexus Scam

    I have read several things lately that claim Plexus has a side benefit that it reduces pain and fatigue in fibro patients. Has anyone ever heard of this or experienced it themselves?
  4. E

    Anyone had luck with plexus that's not trying to sell it

    I was diagnosed with fibro back in December (after 18yrs of baffling problems) I had become severely impaired after a car wreck and living in a mold infested home. (Anyone else affected by mold?) anyway my neighbor gave me some fibromyalgia testimonials on plexus yesterday and it sounds hopeful...
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    Questions regarding my Fibro

    Hello everyone. Maybe I should post in the newbie forum, but I'm not one to talk about myself, really. I've just been diagnosed and have one really pressing question: Can pain show up just...anywhere? :sad: I ask because I keep getting unexplainable random areas of pain. Usually they go...
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    25-year-old female with fibro

    Hello everyone, I just found this forum while searching the internet for support. I am a 25-year-old female who has been struggling with physical issues for around 5 years. I desperately want support and answers. I feel like people think because I am young and "look healthy" that there is no...
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    Wondering about progressive symptoms

    I am asking on behalf of my wife and would sincerely appreciate input. My wife is 35 years old and has been experiencing some slowly progressive symptoms that has had me concerned. She has experienced symptoms of restless legs syndrome in the past. She also sees a rheumotologist for...