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  • Thank you so much!!! I'll definitely keep searching now! I'm sorry about the herniated discs...incredibly painful and you have to be real careful looking up, down and sideways! The more you use your neck, the worse the pain, which I'm sure you know! I've come to the conclusion that most pcp's suck! My former pcp refused to write my prescriptions for Lyrica and Savella (pain management dr couldn't help anymore and he was an hours drive away), so I had to change my pcp. My new one, a woman, just told me there is nothing else they can do to help me...I would just have to learn to deal with it!!! Unreal!!!

    Good Luck and God Bless!!!

    Thank you again :)))
    Thank you Eyesup!!! I am looking at the alteratives section...I'm currently on Lyrica, Savella and oxycodone (going off oxycodone because it doesn't help at all). I was told by my current doctor (3rd one) that there is no other medication for me to try, I've been on them all and they didn't help. She also told me that I have a "special case of fibromyalgia" and that I just have to deal with it day by day. I can't live with that!!! So I'm trying magnesium, vitamin D, etc. in the hope that one of them will help! I'm scared...it doesn't feel like this pain and overwhelming tiredness will ever end!

    Thank you for welcoming me to the forum...you have no idea (you probably do) how much this finding this forum means!!! I just have to figure out how to do things on here..computer illiterate :))) can type on them, but cannot figure out how to post...sad!
    Yes Ty . I'm missing my brother mostly . Which is strange as most of the time I'm ok with it.thank god for this place ,
    And Ty for asking how I am means a lot xx
    Hello there, I understand your question and yes, it does have an answer, the thing is that I have a sister who is specialized in rheumatology and she tells me about her patients and everything she sees at her office, sorry if I am being quite rude with my comments, I will somehow try to enlighten them from now, as I told you I do not have Fibro but I am quite interested on the field because I would like to study in the medical school.
    My Cognitively is bad today, I'm trying to find private. Sorry can't seem to get there. Thank you for your encouragement. I really do appreciate it. I have a friend I can go stay with for a while if the behavior continues. Thanks for private message though. The choice of words are getting worse.
    I'm glad to hear you are doing ok. That sounds like more then I could handle. In the past I would always noticed my body would take a few days like it didn't want to heal but then it would take off. I'm not sure now with the fibromyalgia so bad, I would be scared to find out but you give me hope should I have to.
    I don't really think to check my in box either and to make that worse I can go days with out coming on the forum so no need to apologize.
    I hope your getting some rest and keep us posted on your recovery. Sending speedy recovery thoughts your way.
    Yes, I had surgery on the 1st. It was rough the first week, But it was compounded by severe muscle cramps, bursitis in the 'hip' and a migraine. All is so much better and it really is true that one gets stronger each day. As of yesterday the pt has gotten more intense and I'm really rung out afterwards-the progress is swift.

    Thanks for asking and I'm sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. I'm so bad when it comes to checking the personal pages. I just forget!
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