1. L

    Finally diagnosed

    Well, let's start from the beginning of my story and see what everyone thinks. I'm 22 years old. I guess looking back on it, I've had signs of this for awhile but it didn't become such a debilitating problem until a few month ago. At this time I was walking over an hour to work at a call...
  2. L

    Happy Easter

    I just wanted to say Happy Easter to all. We are having a relaxing day over here. We did the easter egg hunt. The boys got baskets with goodies. And we are going to have a nice dinner. We are having a non-traditional dinner this year. We are having boneless hot wings and mashed potatoes. I am...
  3. 1sweed

    Do You Watch Movies To Relax

    I must confess I love watching movies, and I can watch my favorites over and over again. As you can see I like horses and so my favorites are SeaBiscut and The Horse Whisperer, The Black Stallion and Lonesome Dove, and Return To Lovesome Dove. I don't have tv, because I can not afford it. So I...