Happy Easter

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Mar 14, 2013
I just wanted to say Happy Easter to all. We are having a relaxing day over here. We did the easter egg hunt. The boys got baskets with goodies. And we are going to have a nice dinner. We are having a non-traditional dinner this year. We are having boneless hot wings and mashed potatoes. I am glad they did not want ham. It can be so expensive. So what is everyone doing for the holiday? Any special plans?
I have Easter with no chocolate!
Wouldn't do my diet any good anyway. If it's in the house I have zero self control and just get so fat.
I've been busy working on my guest room for three days so I'm trying to take it easy this afternoon. I might even have a nap. That's as much planning I intent to do.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter to you as well. I had my mother come over for supper. We had a boiled dinner of sorts with a mix of potaotoes and carrots, onions and califlower, chick peas and barley, and celery, all chopped into pieces in ham broth with homemade dumplings. Then had cake with fruit and coffee. A good friend stopped by and brought us chocolate candy and make us both laugh a lot. Had not seen mother laugh that much for months, so I was happy.

We did our Easter egg hunt at our camp last week and the children had a lot of fun hunting for plastic eggs filled with goodies in the snow.
My hat is off to you Twiztc. I wish I had not had chocolate in our home. I hope these kids finish off the chocolate before I get to anymore...lol. I have little to no self control. Especially when it comes to peanut butter chocolates.

1sweed, that dinner sounds very good. I have never had homemade dumplings before. I am so happy for your mom. Isn't amazing how laughter can be such a wonderful thing. As well as good friends.

I was very happy to have our big family celebration. But I am glad now that I can relax for awhile. Glad everyone had a nice Easter.
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