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    Hi- I'm new to the forum:)

    I was diagnosed in spring of 2014 after first trying to eliminate gluten, which helped for a few months and then my pain came back almost worse. I still don't est gluten as I found I do have an intolerance for it and just feel better not having it in my diet. I've been reviewing the forum at...
  2. M

    Need Help Drug Induced Fibromyalgia

    I am suffering with terrible pain and disability. I've recently been diagnosed with fibro but other Drs are not in agreement. About 4 years ago i developed severe tinnitus and was placed on a variety of antidepressants. I began to experience pain while taking Cymbalta and was cold turkey'ed...
  3. C

    Anyone taken the Shingles Vaccine, FM reaction?

    I'm approaching age 65 and my PCP is advising that I take the shingle's vaccine. I'm concerned if there are any fibromyalgia reactions after taking the vaccine.
  4. B

    Just diagnosed -- also have IC/PBS

    After years of having hip, low back, shoulder and neck pain that has waxed and waned, I was diagnosed with fibro last week by a rheumatologist. My pain has gotten worse these last few months. My stress also has increased, so I'm not all that surprised, I suppose. I am just feeling tired of...
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    Cfs, fibro, or both?

    Never been diagnosed yet. I'm 53, have been having undiagnosed, random issues since I was 15. Eye twitching, lasting days to months, affecting my vision and making my eyes cross. bilateral shoulder pain that lasted for months at 20. So painful,I would put my arms inside my t shirt to hold my...
  6. K

    McGill pain scale & fibromyalgia.

    Hey everyone! Thought I'd share some information and also see other opinions about this topic. I haven't seen it anywhere else in the forum so I thought I'd bring get it up! I recently was doing some research, and came across some new information (at least it was new to me) about the...
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    This is my first post, and I feel I should gave just diagnosed myself but joined as " interested in finding out more" I have just about every symptom listed on Internet. I gave all tender spots but no face pain actually. Just two days ago I told my husband there was no place on my body that...
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    Just Joined

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Fibro from a Rheumatologist about 20 years ago. I was so bad at the time that every morning I woke up I felt like a truck had run over me. My Medical doctor was very understanding and did many tests to rule things out like Lupus, MS ect. They all came back clean so...
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    Let's talk about pain

    I have possibly had fibro for a couple of years now. It started as a pain in my side that was misdiagnosed as shingles, when I got tired of narcotics my dr put me on Lyrica. It has been working great until a few months ago. My friend and I started walking this summer after work. There is a...
  10. J

    shingles with fibro

    I have been dealing with shingles this is just an added bonus to my pain. The worst part of the shingle outbreak is that you are so damn tired before it breaks out in the rash. I am going crazy I feel that not only dealing with the complications of fatigue now by battle is topped off with...