1. Hollie34

    Chronic pain feel tired im exhausted

    Hello dear friends, So I am in constant neck back pain along with elbows wrists knees ankles and toes. They performed an Mri on my spine and these results came: Findings Cervical Spine There is loss of the cervical lordosis. At the C5-C6 level there is a left central disk protrusion with...
  2. C

    New to the forum, not to Fibro. Trigger fingers, achy tired arms

    Hello all, I wish I was meeting you somewhere possibly more fun but such is life. I was diagnosed in 2014, but suffering since mid 90’s. I also have hashimotos and 16bsurgeries, mostly spinal fusions, tendon stuff. So last year my fingers started locking. Now they all do. Ortho says no...
  3. J

    so tired and anxious and pissed off

    last year i had work exemption for food stamps. this year my doctor decided she "wouldnt lie" and marked that i could work with restrictions- the "restrictions" just being an attached functional capacity report i should've never had done because all it does is show i dont have hard measurable...
  4. chance1252

    I have never been so tired

    Okay so I was having a problem with the fatigue so I started taking a b12 supplement. I wasn’t all better but I was feeling like I could make make it through a work day. So I started Cymbalta 3 days ago and I wake up feeling energized but by 10 am I’m falling asleep again. I’m not sure if I...
  5. J

    I'm tired

    I'm 24. I think I've had fibro at least developing since i was 14 - lots of time lost to pain brought on by stress. The symptoms only got worse until I was diagnosed at 19. even though it's a diagnosis of exclusion, and my family's reaction ranged from doubt to mockery, i looked for everything I...
  6. Forgetmenot

    Tired out

    I normally suffer from pain ,but lately I’m so tired I wake up as tired as I go to bed. I feel like I’m walking through tar. I can’t think and I feel so heavy. Give me pain over this tiredness anyway
  7. F

    Undiagnosed and tired of being tired.

    Hi, all. First post here. This is going to be a very long post. I have not been diagnosed, but this has been ongoing for over 10 years. My GP from a long time ago suggested I might have it, but I guess he never referred me and I didn't pursue it (remember being fatigued back then). A few years...
  8. S

    Dizziness, tired all the time but sleeping great

    I sleep good, 7-9 hours a night. I wake up fine around 11am but by the time I go to work (3-11) around 7pm I am so tired and mentally out of it feeling, almost a drunk feeling. Does anyone else get these dizzy/tired spells? Around midnight I usually wake back up and stay up until 230-3am
  9. S

    i'm so tired

    this is my first post here, i was diagnosed in november of 2017. i dont even know what to do. i cant function without using cannabis concentrates to stop my muscle spasms and pain, i work long days that kill me and i hate complaining because i know everyone else is tired as well. i've been...
  10. B

    Tired of my wife being treated like a criminal

    So today on Sunday we got treated to the fun exercise of trying to get my wifes Hydrocodone script filled that helps with the break-through pain from her Fibro. She has been going down on her does and is on 3 1/2 10Mg Hydrocodone pills a day. She used to be on much higher doses of pain...