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    Do I have fibromyalgia?

    About a year ago I started getting pain in my chest and my ribs. Then I started noticing I was getting really out of breath and was getting a really fast heart rate from doing simple activities such as walking up stairs. I had EKGs done and the doctors said nothing was wrong with my heart. I...
  2. M

    Dr. Jeckle? Or. Mr..Hyde

    Once again Ive had a weird Dr. App. The Dr. Ive Been seeing does not work with pain management, and rolls his eyes one appointment about fibro, and then councils me the next about how I need to get through the steps of accepting fibro. NEEDLESS to say Im convinced hes the wrong Man for me. This...
  3. B

    Curious if this sounds like Fibro..

    Hey everyone I'm new here. I'm a 31 year old male who has had IBS, anxiety, irritability, tics, tremors, twitches, fidgety, fatigue, wake up feeling like I haven't slept...since I was a kid. Even as a kid, I thought I would end up with fibro someday. Most of my symptoms are in the right side...
  4. O

    My Aching Muscles

    I have so many different muscular symptoms...notably tightness, spasms, twitches, and a weird problem at night that is like RLS but not actually RLS. I think it is originating in my gluten and also have problems with my traps. Anyone out there doing anything for their muscles besides...
  5. L

    What do you think?

    Hello! I am kind of freaking out My story starts two months ago, when I began having pins and needles all over my body, muscle pain in my legs, arms and my neck, and twitches all over my body and headaches. Of course, I went into Dr google, and I started getting crazy about als (something highly...
  6. J

    New Symptoms?

    Hello, I am newly diagnosed as of January. However, I have been in pain for over a year, and felt "funny" for two years. I am suffering from RLS, muscle twitches only when I lay down, crawling feeling all over my body, achy joints, burning skin, and fibro fog. The last two days I have...
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    Could it be fibromyalgia even if my pain manifest itself differently?

    Hi, I have been struggling with what I have for more than 6 years now, I have seen countless numbers of doctors who failed to diagnose my condition (Sleep specialists, Neurologists, Rheumatologists...etc). I experience immense amounts of muscle pain, sleep deprivation, depleted energy, poor...
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    Hand pain in both hands for 2 years-Fibro?

    Male, early 30s, dealing with bilateral hand pain for 2 years. Office desk job. No other illnesses. I'm having a hard time finding a doctor who knows what's going on and WHICH kind of doctor is the right doc for my situation. Two years ago I began experiencing pain in my wrists/thumb/palm/back...
  9. D

    Maybe or maybe not

    Hi, I am 23 year old male and I started having severe twitches 4 weeks ago. I use to wake up with stiff legs every morning since 2014 but it used to go away when I start walking around or sit. Slowly it progressed to having pain all the time. Some days I feel I have absolutely no issues in my...
  10. B

    In process of getting diagnosis but I know I'm not alone.

    Hi there, I am a female in my mid 20's and I am in the process of possibly being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I began experiencing pain earlier this year in January and thought it was female related issues and was beginning to experience pain walking and just feeling unwell and super tired all...
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