1. L

    Treating Myself

    And unexpected check arrived and I headed to Florida to stay with friends this week. The warmth is working wonders on this winter weary gal. Feeling incredibly blessed. I needed this.
  2. 1sweed

    Chilly Feelings, Go Away

    I found a few hints on how to deal with chilly feelings that make you feel cold all the time. Thought I would share the list with you in hopes that some of the suggestions can help you feel warmer in body and spirit. Eat Well- undereating causes metabolic rate to drop and leads to cold...
  3. K

    Doubtful about my diagnosis. Thoughts please?

    :)Hello! I had been having really bad migraines (pain in my left eye and left frontal lobe) a few times a day, plus when it started I was fatigued and had tingling down my spine and left arm, and numbness in my left hand, and very bad tremors in my left hand. I also felt very weak and faint...
  4. R

    Lack of warmth in toes

    It seems like my toes get awfully cold. I do go barefoot on wood floors a lot. Even when I wear socks though it is still cold to my feet. I've tried slippers and they don't help. I don't have the same problem in my fingers nor my head. I would like some suggestions.