Thankyou redfoxx9, welcome to the forum ☕🍰, yes fibro's a challenge 💯, wow a day without pain AND a working brain woohoo! Sounds like dream come true (if that happened I'd be in serious shock!) Hope you stay a while so we can learn more about how you find fibro (and what it's been like for you with dr's/ people/everyone) hope to hear from you soon and know some more about you (thing's you like to do/? had to stop/slow down with from this thing???🙃 ok, speak soon
Hi all,
I am happy to have found this community. I have had fibro (diagnosed) for 15 years and it certainly is a struggle. I wish everyone a good day, pain free, with a working brain!
Thank you, Redfoxx9, welcome! While it is different for each individual, I found that for myself, the initial diagnosis was a relief on two levels: a) it gave meaning and validation to the symptoms that were perplexing me: and I was reassured that the syndrome was not progressive. This was a long time ago, during which time they had more educational workshops/in-person support groups, and learning about the condition was empowering, albeit overwhelming at times, for me.