Ruling out fibro

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HI Robyn

No worries--choking once isn't a concern. Everyone chokes once in a while--everyone. Something starts to go down the trache instead of the esophagus, and our body naturally tires to eject it. Sounds like your body did what it is supposed to do.

Sounds like you had a real rough patch with stressing over weakness you were feeling--if things like fibro were ruled out--perhaps it is just that your body isn't properly nourished if you're that tiny! You can't be seriously underweight without it taking a toll on the body. First, it uses fat reserves, then it starts on muscles. The body WILL feed the internal organs--which can make you very, very weak.

Hope you're doing better now!
Re: Just a little vent/update....

Hi Notme, good to meet you and thanks for your response. I did bring up Fibro to my neuro, mainly because my mother has had it for roughly 20yrs now, but all he said is "I wont be the one to say you have Fibro, but I cant say that may not be it", so I guess I would have to see a Rhuemi for that. I myself, and the neuro would not deny it, still feel that I may have caught a virus, and it just needed some time to work its self out, as my husband was sharing several of the symptoms (ie. muscle twitches, cramping, and tremors) his never slowed him down much though. Maybe it did with me because I already had an anxiety disorder working against me and he doesnt. Who knows,:roll:

I am quite sure that some of the weakness, if not most of it, was from my weight loss. I still have a descent amount of fatigue, but at this level of it, I can push through it most days, and do what I need to do. Last year however was another story, I was stuck to the couch for a while:roll:

I'm not fretting over the choking thing too much, unless it starts happening all the time. Last nights dinner went down better, LOL

It was nice hearing from you, I've read several of your posts on here yesterday, and you seem to be a very kind soul and very helpful, and I appreciate that, as do others I'm sure.

Wishing you the best

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Fibromyalgia is very often discounted. Which is too bad--because so many of us fight it for years. It's only recently that the medical community is listening.

Fibro causes more substance P--which is a neurtransmitter of pain. We FEEL more pain. They don't know why--but they do know that much. We get easily fatigued. We have poor sleep--most notably stage 4--which is where much of the regeneration takes place for micro-tears and things we do to ourselves on a daily basis.

Chronic fatigue is also often associated with many people. Depression often accompanies it--not sure if it's a side-effect of feeling like death warmed over or part of the process--I don't think anyone knows for sure. But--when you feel like crap--your mental outlook will often deteriorate as well.

Many feel fibro is auto-immune as it often follows some sort of trauma or illness. Also many with fibro later develop auto-immune things such as Lupus, Mixed connective tissue and others.

But--there really is no discounting that the mind can wreak havoc on our bodies as well--as you found with your weight loss. But--if you're having a lot of weakness and fatigue, even a GP can diagnose fibro if they know the areas to check on the body--again, it's a diagnosis of exclusion--after other causes have been ruled out.

Off my soap-box now. Back when I was diagnosed, it wasn't really considered much of a diagnosis--although Mayo clinic diagnosed me with one of the worst cases they'd ever seen. Long story short--I felt awful and was having daily headaches, some so bad they put me i the hospital to kill them, pain, swelling in my legs so bad I couldn't walk or wear shoes. My only abnormal labs at the time were an increased sed--rate and a few other minor things.

Again--nice meeting you and hope you continue to do well.
Re: Just a little vent/update....

Fibro is part of my pain problem, definitely. Otherwise, they don't know what i have. Hyper-reflexia, spasticity, cramps, in legs. Atrophy and loss of function in my hands.

I fall a lot, so I use a walker or a scooter. Unlike some here--I'm not trying to walk when I know I'm at major risk of falling. Last fall ruptured L-5. When I fall--I don't have the strength to get myself back up because of my arms.

I rarely drive because my legs cramp or spasm when I try to use pedals. I have no diagnosis yet. Honestly, I'm no longer in a hurry to get one, either. I'm treating symptoms. Oxygen for breathing. Baclofen for spasms. Pain meds for pain. Walker or scooter to walk at doctor's suggestion--which I have absolutely no problem with. I can't use my cane anymore as I don't have enough stability in my wrists to use it effectively.

My new neuro suspects ALS, but said that MS is also still possible. I go soon for brain MRI, CT of my lungs and more blood tests and EMG. I'm apparently more complicated than some because I have multiple health issues that confuse symptoms.
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