Pain and Fatigue Study from 2008

I was looking around for news about Fibromyalgia, and I stumbled upon this older article from 2008. I've always wondered why it seems that specific ailments target one gender more than others. The first time I encountered the situation was when I finally found a name for my bladder condition, and attended an event on the subject. It seemed 9/10 of those diagnosed were female, and I've found that Fibromyalgia also seems to target women more frequently than men, although I'm not sure the numbers are quite as extreme with Fibromyalgia as is the case with Interstitial Cystitis.

This study concerns a biological link between pain and fatigue, and mentions that testosterone possibly protects some males from developing the level of muscle related fatigue the females do. Apparently the scientists who conducted this study are continuing to work on the subject, with the hope of developing better treatments for chronic musculoskeletal pain as well as addressing the issue of fatigue.

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