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Abdominal pain/vomiting

Ok, so I got the excruciating pain under my right and left rib cage all but gone now and the runs the bathroom have stopped but I'm still frequently feeling sever abdominal pain as the day wears on and bloating by the end of the day. I've also noticed all my other fibro and CFS gets worse with it. So I initially went of my ROTTATION diet of FOIDS that I tested possative to being sensitive to (I had not thought it was a big deal as I avoided most of them anyway and supposedly rotating would help build a tolerance). I also quit coffee cold turkey. So far it's been huge.

Bloating up

So I started bloating up again, felt like I had a birthday balloon under my skin and I needed to stick a pin in it. It started Sunday when the rain began. The big difference was the deep pain that I usually get under each rib and deep in my abdomen weren't present. Thank God. I'm not sure what this means but when I get my strength back in going to dig in trying to find out. If rain conditions bring this on I'm moving to a dessert!

likely #1 cause of leaky gut, bloating exc. for me

If you have severe bowel and abdominal problems your speaking my language.
Is suspected mold as part of my problem as I've had yeast/bacteria infections most of my adult life. My son and I both where treated for Candida's years ago. I started attacking this idea from my start of self help and quickly found I had this problem but my body was so polluted I backed off for awhile. Today I add back my #1 idea.
How I tested the water:

First 2 days: 1tsp FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth
Days 3-4:2 tsp.
Day 5-7. 2 tablespoons

Cure fibromyalgia?

A cure for fibromyalgia? Somewhere, someday but I think they have to know the cause first and it doesn't appear anyone is really looking that hard. For what my 2 cents is worth, I think the cause could be different for different sufferes hence the reason one type med works for A&B and not C&D.

From months of 10 days to 2/4 days

I feel like I might be putting the cart b4 the horse. But I know I would have given anything to be where I am today a month ago. I know FIBROMYALGA can wax and wain, and perhaps all the things I've done and added have nothing to do with going from 3 months of not a single day better then a 7, and 90% of the time being at a 10! By the time I started on this I had gone from begging God to send help, then I begged him to just come get me...then my darkest moment-I fought for my life, because if I where to quit believing in God, well suicide wouldn't be a sin and Hell wouldn't be a fear.

Self test for parasites

I couldn't fall asleep until I popped this one up.
Parasites are another suspected culprit of fibromyalgia. I had crossed them off for two reasons 1) I demanded my pcp test me for them when we first moved to TX due to sudden, severe stomach issues, he reluctantly FINEALLY agreed and ran 1 stool test. Negative and 2) I just had a colonoscopy December 31st, surely they would have showed up.
Later I will explain how I now know that neither on of those can be counted on. (Or you can research it yourself).
So how I tested the water...


Maybe my first useful blog.
I'm not a doctor nor am I qualified in anyway to give medical advise. Please be your own best advocate and do some research. I'll try to explain my 'why' somethings may help. but you know what they say: always consult with your doctor first.

I almost forgot the biggest culprit for me: yeast. I will post more on what I started out with later, I had to back off because my body was so polluted I couldn't handle the 'hex'. PLEASE research candidiasis. Particularly in the gut. I do have a quick easy trick to c if this is a problem I will share.

Never thought I would blog!

So, I'm 51 years old and I have no shame in saying I never thought I would blog. I'm not computer or internet saved, not to mention I've never really considers what I had to say to be that important let alone worthy of sharing with strangers. I'm still not sure, but I've never known how to keep my mouth shut, exspecially when it comes to self help, not so much because I think I know it all, in fact it's just the opposite...I share what I've learned in hope someone else knows more and or has a piece of my missing puzzle.