Abdominal pain/vomiting

Ok, so I got the excruciating pain under my right and left rib cage all but gone now and the runs the bathroom have stopped but I'm still frequently feeling sever abdominal pain as the day wears on and bloating by the end of the day. I've also noticed all my other fibro and CFS gets worse with it. So I initially went of my ROTTATION diet of FOIDS that I tested possative to being sensitive to (I had not thought it was a big deal as I avoided most of them anyway and supposedly rotating would help build a tolerance). I also quit coffee cold turkey. So far it's been huge. I don't know what has made the difference, I suspect coffee as I've come off of it before and felt better (pre fibro pain days) I don't drink milk so coffee and tee are my primary way off adding milk to my diet. For now I'll just avoid them all. My son was diagnosed as lactose intolerant when he was young and I've always wondered if that's why I never liked dairy.

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