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  • Hi Cheryl Ann I am rubbish at this friends stuff and dont even know if i am typing in the correct place. Let me know if you get this.

    Is this a totally private message or can others read it?
    Hi Darkchocolate,
    Small world! I've never been to Mishawaka but everyone that I talk to who has gone can say enough good things about it,

    I totally agree with you about reading texts, letters, really anything that doesn't have a human voice so you can hear the inflections, pauses, emotion. Its very easy to misinterpret things. So let me tell you now that I am a kind person. I do not like conflict but I am getting better at standing up for my rights. Anyway, I apologize ahead of time if I hurt someone's feelings. This little voice in my head says to erase the last sentence because its silly to ask someone if their feelings are hurt. Hmmmm.... I don't agree. In some cases it is best to speak up and share then sit back and see what happens. I bet most of the time, the other person won't have meant it the way it was read. I've confirmed what I knew all along but didn't want to admit... Its the sitting back and waiting part that I have a difficult time with. :)
    Hi Cheryl! I used to live somewhat close to you. I was born in Elkhart, IN, but I lived in Mishawaka, IN. I now live in SC.

    Cheryl and Moe, I am glad I read your messages because I have was wondering the past two days if I had been too sensitive or perceiving things in the wrong way. I could be too sensitive, then again I think we have that 6th sense when to know something doesn't seem right. One situation is reading a text the wrong way. I have said before unless you are talking with someone you really don't know how they mean what they are saying.
    Ps I decided to wear a t shirt and some lightweight pajama pants to the pool. My 1st day will be Nov 1st. Always around the holidays ;) wish me success.
    Hi Cheryl,
    My Grandkids are great at standing on a chair so I can give them a good strong hug. We have some special hugs smootches, handshakes, that bond and memories. The best I can do is just that the best. Some time ago they were tempted to climb Grandma like a tree!!! When they weRe 3 and under, I could, now I just have to tell them to be careful. We have ourways, Grandchildren are so wonderful, they stop and smell the roses, there so interested, in what we say, pearls of wisdom. I wasn't fortunate to know and have a Grandma and Grandpa around. I'm just so happy to see hear and hug on them. I try to think of what I can do, and not so much h of what I cant. CHILDREN ARE LIKE A RAINBOW, GRANDCHILDREN ARE THE POT OF GOLD. ;)
    Hi Moe :)
    I agree with you! I believe I feel more deeply sometimes, I can sense or feel the energy or vibes coming from people. I guess I used to get upset about things that most people didn't. I just remember my entire life, "You're too sensitive." Perhaps it is a calling bc most people either stuff their emotions or hurtle them aggressively. Working out in a 92 degree pool is great relief for fibro and chronic pain
    HERE'S MY LITTLE STORY, DON'T LET IT BORE YOU TO MUCH☺ I beleave I have a number of ailments that has been a problem for me, in school, work etc, being fibro can make us supersensative to not only pain, but perceptions.
    For instance, if I walk into a room where the has been strife, I'm supersensative. To the point I have to leave. It's not perinioa, just incase. There are many things diffrent about me sence Fibro was diagnosed , at first it was a realief, until I shared with my family. And I got the look. I'm hopefull there wollbe a cure I. My life time.
    Going to the Gym, I've decided, is my therapy, I'm not there to impress anyone, I'm there for me, my grandkids, so I can be strong . Nice to meet you.
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