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    Maybe or maybe not

    Hi, I am 23 year old male and I started having severe twitches 4 weeks ago. I use to wake up with stiff legs every morning since 2014 but it used to go away when I start walking around or sit. Slowly it progressed to having pain all the time. Some days I feel I have absolutely no issues in my...
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    Could my mystery illness be Fibromyalgia?

    WlkrdudeNew Member Hello everyone. I am new here! Please bare with me as this will be a long post, but hopefully you guys could enlighten me as to whether this prolonged mystery illness I have could in fact be Fibromyalgia. To begin I am a formerly healthy 30 year old man, 5'11'' and 150ish...
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    Atrophy Question

    Sorry this is going to be so long but I want to be thorough for anyone who takes the time to ready this: Since the middle of Nov I have had a strange feeling in my left leg. It started with pain in my lower back on the left side and I started to notice that my leg felt weak and the muscle hurt...
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    Quickly moving symptoms , in limbo

    Hello, just a note on previous health issues.. Have had L4-5 surgery with drop foot and chronic pain after Co2 poisoning from broken heating systems and GERD..BUT 2 months ago thought I reherniated disk as had same symptoms of atrophy and spasms in same calf and twitching all over . . Full...
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    A Miraculous Misdiagnosis!

    Initially I was despondent upon being diagnosed with an inexplicable genetic variant of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Being only 18 I assumed there was little if anything to remain living for. This all persisted until I stumbled upon an article regarding chemical neurotoxins and a...
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    Continuing to Slide

    It's been about three weeks since I posted. Thanks for everyone's support to this point. My symptoms of weakness, heaviness, atrophy, loss of muscle tone continue. Since my last post, my arms and hands seem more effected. Stiffness in a few fingers, wrist, and the muscle between the thumb and...
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    Some UMN Questions if you don't mind

    HI Folks I have a couple of questions. Most of my symptoms (other than my arms) seem to be UMN according to my neuro. I did email her, but wanted to ask those of you with real life experience if this is normal UMN type of thing or something else. My pain levels are increasing quite a bit...
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    Fibromyalgia blood tests

    GP told me this am that blood tests for fibromyalgia were negative and that Carpal Tunnel would not explain all of my symptoms and neither would GERD or RSI Now looking for signs of muscle atrophy and loss of strength.... not a happy bunny
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    Fibromyalgia versus ALS

    In response to a post: Your newest batch of symptoms sound more like fibromyalgia than anything else. ALS isn't going to cause pain in early stages. LOSS OF USE is what usually sends those with ALS to the doctor. They suddenly can't do something--for me, it was I couldn't push the buttons to...
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    Wondering if I have Fibromyalgia

    Thanks a lot for your help. Yeah, I have been thinking about going to one. Because the other thing that I have wondered if I may have is fibromyalgia. I seem to have pain on all the points that are required and what not. Also, I noticed that Fibro and Sleep Apnea usually seem to go hand in...