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Initially I was despondent upon being diagnosed with an inexplicable genetic variant of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Being only 18 I assumed there was little if anything to remain living for. This all persisted until I stumbled upon an article regarding chemical neurotoxins and a controversial link to ALS, FTD, MS, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers and a myriad of other idiopathic diagnoses. In my case I was rather fortunate, finding that upon removing certain foods and avoiding additives in processed canned goods I began regaining strength! My disposition and physical well-being were altered so instantaneously that I even considered the possibility of a placebo effect. I put this hypothesis to a test by waiting several weeks.
The results were truly incredible. Phlegm no longer clogged my throat, my words became comprehensible, and I even began growing back allegedly permanently atrophied muscle!
The culprit?
I found through extensive research that MSG has reportedly been the skeleton in the closet in terms of food additives, hiding under a host of pseudonyms, and is considered as lethal as aspartame and arsenic in some cases as it has been associated with NEURON DEATH/MISFIRING and CEREBRAL/MUSCULAR ATROPHY. All the victims of Msg have no definitive diagnosis, so it is hardly an option by neurology standards. They, like I, have only their personal testimonials.
Bearing in mind this does not apply to ALL cases, I came only to express my gratitude for having found a remedy to my allegedly incurable ailment. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. :)
P. S: just thought I should throw in my additional intolerance and a few things about me:I am intolerant to wheat, and sensitive to large amounts of high fructose corn syrup. I had brain fog which was so bad I began considering dementia until later proving my memory was fine. What people neglect to tell you is there are three types of memory :working, latent and stored
My working memory was sluggish as hell, but it was all up there! Additionally, altering my diet has mitigated the majority of my aspergers symptoms (see also the link between autism gluten and msg).
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We've had this discussion many times before. Use search. Nothing concrete was ever proven. I know people that use no MSG. They're slow progressors but not reversed. I would doubt your initial diagnosis. That's just my opinion based on thousands of posts I've read.

Alabaster M,

Congratulations! This is wonderful news. Were you diagnosed limb or bulbar?

Did you have clinical weakness that is now reversed? Had you lost function that is now regained?

I'm sure your EMG dirty.

What are your plans in terms of follow ups with doctors?

This is very, very odd!

Most of us on this forum know what it takes for the doctor(s) to hand out a diagnosis of ALS. It usually takes months and months of testing and observation, retesting, more observation and a 2nd and/or 3rd opinion and now it is all undone (and reversed!) through a change in diet?

I'm looking for the turnip truck I must have just fallen off!

I'm just having a tough time with you having been given a diagnosis of ALS in the first place. This must surely be making a few doctors feel awfully stupid. How could they have mistaken MSG intake for ALS?

At any rate, I am glad your problems have been resolved and you are now in good health! Congratulations on being freed from a monster!
Alastor, I am happy that you are feeling better.

I share Al's sentiments. It is good to know that whatever was causing your symptoms was not ALS.

I am not sure what you had or why you experienced such a remarkable recovery.

As far as MSG and ALS, this has been extensively studied over the years and no connection has ever been established. To my understanding, it is the glutamates our bodies produce that are the problem not the ones we ingest.

"MSG as a toxin" is often used as bait by scammers to get people to buy into their detox programs and products.

For more information check this out:
Scam Watch - MSG glutamate and toxins
Congratulations, AlastorM. I'm glad that your doctors realized their mistake and kept digging until they got the right diagnosis and the remedy for your problems.
The Drs don`t always follow their due diligence when diagnosing, seems sometimes it`s an educated guess of sorts.

This of course stesses the hell out of people, but as people do make mistakes, and it is human to forgive. So, C`est la vie!
These neuro`s that work the ALS clinics are very smart and educated, so I would think their educated guess would be better than most.

I`d rather forgive my Dr for a wrongful diagnosis, than to sugar coating the situation and loose precious time with loved ones!

I`m sure my guy screwed up, but will I yell at him? Hell no! I`ll give him a hug, and wish him the best.

If he`s right, so be it. I`ll dance with Lou till I can dance no more, if he`s wrong, I dance with my kids at their wedding!

Either way, I`m dancin!

Good luck Alastor with everything, it`s great to hear some positive stories.

Well from what I found out about my other intolerance (gluten) it is associated with muscular atrophy and weakness as well, so I most likely had more than one reason for my recovery. And the doctors are really confused, so maybe something else was to blame? Either way I am getting better and that is all I care about.
Cheers all! :D
Glad you are feeling better gives me hope that I may have an alternate diagnosis as well being young as I am. I know it is not MSG for me..because I am already know I am HIGHLY allergic to it....all the way to anaphalaxis. eek.

I hope your body continues to recover and your better diet also helps you as well!
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