1. A

    SEVERE exhaustion HELP

    Hi. I am 25 and was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago. I saw several doctors over the last few years and have had extensive tests done as I have many symptoms that mimic other diseases. I FINALLY got my diagnosis and and trying to learn to cope. My worst symptom is extreme...
  2. P

    Desperately need Dr. in NW Florida

    Does anyone know a Dr. in NW Florida that truly believes and treats Fibromyalgia? So ready to give up, pain and quality of life is becoming unbearable. After years of misdiagnosis and multiple medications, I don't know what else to do but seek a pain management doc. in hopes of relief just to...
  3. Forgetmenot

    Day from hell

    well got up yesterday morning ,and someone had broken the back window of the car , hurt my back starting the new petrol lawn mower . Tilting bathroom so there's stuff everywhere , so I'm trying to sort things away, then I smell a burning smell ,Rush upstairs and turn the heating off . And call...
  4. L

    recently diagnosed

    Hello all, Let me write you a short novel... hahaha I'm 27 and was recently diagnosed with fibro by a rheumatologist after enduring months of pain, starting with my knees. After seeing my primary, both were x-ray'd and nothing found. I had to fight for a Lyme test to be done and came up...
  5. M

    fibro flare up

    Hey everyone, I don't come here much but I came back today because I feel like my fibro is flaring up. This past week I was feeling great, up until yesterday that is! I'm a nurse and one of my patients has FM and told me it flares up with humidity.... thoughts? The weather in Melbourne was...
  6. idlehour

    So much pain

    I hate being in so much pain all the time. I mean im tired to, so tired. but the pain is what really irks me. I am so sore and achey and just want to cry in a ball sometimes. laying in bed doesnt even help anymore because then im just laying in pain thinking about the pain. tylenol doesnt do...
  7. idlehour

    Finaly a confirmation

    I have been suspecting fibro for the past 7 months but my regular doctor was brushing me off. i finaly saw a specialist and was diagnosed 2 days ago. He started me on 10mg of Flexiril a day and reccomended some light exorcise. i would like to get into some sort of water activitiy but its hard...
  8. Forgetmenot

    Can I ask

    ive had this shitty illness for years. But one thing I've noticed is this, If I do nothing I feel way worse. I can't go to bed even if I can barly move as I have a two year old and three teens. But it seems the more u slow down or stop moving the worse this illness gets,it's seems once your in...
  9. H

    Get better sleep if I go to bed later

    Sometimes I start to feel mentally tired at around 11pm and sometimes go to bed then. However I never really feel physically tired until around 2am. If I go to bed then I will fall to sleep much easier and wake up feeling more refreshed. Does anyone thing it might actually be better to go to...