1. 1sweed

    How To Manage On A Tight Budget With Fibro

    I have always struggled with this issue as lots of times I had to make a choice between eating healthy or going to the doctor or buying medication. With any health plan this is always going to be tough for those of us that live on a very small income. My disability income is less than $500 a...
  2. H

    Tired of being treated like an addict

    So today I had to go in person to get my prescriptions from my doctor an hour away. So after I had the medical assistant call me to let me know they were written so I could come get them, I get there and I have to have ID? She didn't think to tell me that when I had her call? Apparently it's a...
  3. V

    New forumite, diagnosed in October

    Hi! I was diagnosed at the very start of October. I've been living with the symptoms for years now, but the process is finally finished. What sucks the most is that I wasn't prepared for it. I'd been feeling like it was likely for so long, but when I actually got the diagnosis, I couldn't help...
  4. T

    Have an interview for a much less stressful job but can I do it?

    I am home from work again. Today it's a colitis flare-up, fatigue and headache. I had put in my name on a job that sounded like it would be kind of fun and would be at a new agency. I think I'm ready to leave. Some other circumstances have made it very painful for me to work there. I am a...
  5. C

    newbie- advice please

    Hi! I too new to this support group. So, here is my story. I was finally diagnosed this week after a year of seeing just about every specialist there is. For a long time I blamed tension and anxiety for my tense muscles and pain throughout my body. I also have Irritable Bowel Syndrome brought...
  6. L

    Finally diagnosed

    Well, let's start from the beginning of my story and see what everyone thinks. I'm 22 years old. I guess looking back on it, I've had signs of this for awhile but it didn't become such a debilitating problem until a few month ago. At this time I was walking over an hour to work at a call...
  7. S

    Almost Diagnosed

    So I've had doctors say "Well, it could be Fibromyalgia. Here, you should try this Metanx stuff." It's basically a B-vitamin food supplement that costs an arm and a leg and is marketed for diabetic neuropathy, not fibromyalgia. Another doctor did some blood tests and said "You have non-specific...