coconut oil

  1. Tipnatee N

    Cooking with fibromyalgia, what have you been eating lately?

    With my fibromyalgia diet I have to prepare my own food to keep up with my craving, so for example. My breakfast ( cooked for 2 people) Slice thin gala apples sautéed with chopped bacon , served with poach eggs. All done under 20 minutes. At lunch ( cooking for 2 people) Home made meat...
  2. M

    coconut oil in your diet

    I have heard that eating coconut oil regularly helps with some of the symptoms of fibro, has anyone tried this? Does it really help?
  3. E

    instant, cheap topical relief

    So I'm always looking for instant topical relief! Prescription was exspensive and I built a tolerance, capzasin I had to dilute, wash my hands very well and somehow got it in my eye one night. Muscle rubs didn't give relief for more then a few minutes. My new favorite... I melted coconut...
  4. Hippiechick91

    6 day flare up :( help?

    Hey fibro friends! I've had a flare up for 6 days now. It's just intense pain everywhere that makes me cringe. Just a bone aching throbbing nails on a chalkboard pain. My doc has me on 500mg of naproxen ... Should I be on something different? Is this because the weather is changing? What can...
  5. C

    Major Relief from Pain

    Hello - I am new here. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 19 years; my doctors say I have probably suffered from it since my 20s - so nearly 40 years. I only have VA for health care, so it has been a struggle to find medications, alternative treatments, and supplements that work. I...
  6. J

    Candida overgrowth maybe causing Fibromyalgia

    Please do some research on it! Cos I was misdiagnosed with many things until I prayed and prayed to give me some sorta healing. Searched it online and lo and behold I got my answers! I wanted to spread the word, because most doctors wasn't much of any help. They only give you pain killers...
  7. S

    Long-time coping, multi-symptom

    Have apparently had FMS since childhood. Diagnosed myself @ age 39; had confirmation by several docs, beginning w/ neurologist. 56 now. Returned to school in 2000, but "Katrina" forced a relocation (and separation from my family) - a few months shy of graduation. Difficult getting care - when...