1. cindin4

    Chemical imbalance in brain is cause of Fibro?

    I saw my Rheumatologist today for a quarterly check up. We have tried Cymbalta--bothered my kidneys and created worse leg cramps/spasm/twitching. Then he put me on Lyrica--that stuff is nasty, expensive and created mental health issues, he then added Lexapro and it caused heart palpations. He...
  2. L

    Diagnosed Today!!!

    hi everyone, Just got diagnosed today. Honestly always thought this was just a diagnoses doctors give when they dont know whats wrong! I have been a full time waitress for 38 years and just thought the pain was due to that. However the pain is so constant and fierce that I finally had to go...
  3. T

    24 y/o male with fibromyalgia-related symptoms.

    I am a 24 year old male from the United States and I am in the process of being diagnosed/treated for something that has been described to me (by doctors) as fibromyalgia related. For most of my life, I have had mild anxiety and depression and was most recently diagnosed with GAD. When I was...
  4. K

    New to forum. Fibro sucks.

    I am in my 40's. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, after 5 years of misdiagnosis and doctors thinking i'm crazy. I had gone through extensive testing for Lyme, Lupus and MS. And doctors telling me I was depressed and that's why I felt the way I felt. I thought I WAS going crazy. My life was...
  5. A

    My Spouse, her job, and Fibro

    Hello everyone! My wife was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For a little background, she is a chemist for a petroleum testing company in Southeast Louisiana. Her job is highly demanding both physically and mentally. If anything, her employer has exacerbated her symptoms. She has been...
  6. S

    Newly Diagnosed

    I was diagnosed a week ago, but have had symptoms going back 30 years. My rheumatologist didn't give me much guidance. I am already on Cymbalta, try to exercise daily, go for chiro and massages. I heard B12 injections can be helpful. Anything else I can do.
  7. C

    What Tools are in your toolbox??

    I'm having a flare. I don't think I need to describe how I feel - you've all been there. I got up this morning, per usual, and did my morning Range of Motion Yoga (that I made up for myself). I put on a Tiger Balm patch (which doesn't help, but hey, I'll try anything) I took 2 tramadols I...
  8. C

    Having a flare & can’t think straight

    I’m having a flare in my left side upper back/neck. It’s like a burning pain and I can’t get comfortable. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I feel panicky and hopeless and i don’t know how to resolve it. I’ve used dry heat and moist heat. I’ve taken Valium and tramadol (not at the same time)...
  9. S

    greetings from MI by the lake

    I have been diagnosed with CFS butI think my symptoms corrolate more with fibro myself. I have also been diagnosed with central pain syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. I have been suffering in pain since my thirties, and I am fifty four now. I had spinal stenosis diagnosed about eight years ago...
  10. K

    New..and waiting on diagnosis

    I’m what I consider still young at 34... so when I began experiencing awful pain I knew something wasn’t right. What finally led me to see my doctor and bring up my pain (which at the time was in my outer hips and thighs), was about a year ago, I couldn’t sit comfortably, stand comfortably or...