1. D

    Burning Pain..desperation

    Not sure how much more i can take of this excruciating burning pain all over my body 24/7. I literally am at screaming point all day and night and barely been out of bed for weeks now. I also have Interstitial Cystitis and vulvodynia....basically burning up in your external and internal lady...
  2. H

    Someone who understands

    Hi! I want to communicate with someone who understands fibromyalgia and chronic illness. I have all the diseases that go along with it or are related to it, such as interstitial cystitis. I have been chronically ill for about twenty years. While I have accepted my limitations, one thing I really...
  3. H

    New user

    Hi! I am new to the forum. I have fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis, migraines, endometriosis, essential tremor, asthma, allergies and Gastroparesis. I have been significantly sick for twenty years, and I am very thankful for my doctors and medicines and my family, but I guess I am looking...
  4. B

    No Sports Anymore Is Sad

    Hello. Thanks for allowing me to post on the board. I was the 2nd rated player on my college tennis team, I ran a church softball league, I love the Philadelphia Eagles, and I love reptiles, amphibians, and all animals. I used to play sports a lot but cannot now. Unfortunately, after a long...
  5. D

    Interstitial cystitis

    Any one else have this? Any tips for medications that help the terrible pain I get? I know all about the IC diet reducing oxolates and acidic foods and drinking bicarbonate of soda...none of these are effective for me. The burning throbbing pain from the waist down, inside and out is the worst...
  6. H

    Are my symptoms consistent?

    I am waiting to get into the doc. Several months ago, I begain having issues with depression, panic, anxiety. For several months I have a very bad stiffness in my feet. When I get out of bed, its like a board is keeping my ankle joints from bending. Walking is very difficult in the a.m. A few...
  7. SnowLynx

    Old but New Diagnosis

    My doctor in 2012 diagnosed me with FMS, but I disbelieved her, buying into the "we'll say that when we can't figure out what's wrong with you" myth. And I lived the next four years as if I were a well person and nearly burned out completely. A new doctor diagnosed me with FMS again and told...
  8. D

    Burning pain

    It's a lovely summers day here in the UK. I am at a complete loss as to how to fight this illness anymore. The last year has been so awful....burning pain, deep aching, stabbing pains muscle weakness head to toe almost everyday.....not an inch of me spared. I've also got interstitial...
  9. D

    One for the ladies

    Sorry I've done it again over sharing personal stuff. The ability for it to end up on facebook is making me nervous. So sorry guys.
  10. W

    Interesting Older Study re: Pain and Fatigue

    I was looking around for news about Fibromyalgia, and I stumbled upon this older article from 2008. I've always wondered why it seems that specific ailments target one gender more than others. The first time I encountered the situation was when I finally found a name for my bladder condition...