1. B

    Hi, New Member Here

    Hi, this is my first time here. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia my junior year in college right before I turned 20 I think. I'd been experiencing pain since high school but since I was always a dancer I always attributed it to pushing too hard in dance or being sore from practice. It wasn't...
  2. J

    EFT Tapping Basics

    I've been doing tapping for some time now....do it daily, some days more than on others. One can look it up as we can't post links here I gather. EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping is exactly that, learning the areas on neck/thyroid area, and areas on face and top of head to "WAKE UP...
  3. P

    Newly diagnosed and feeling afraid and alone

    Hello, my name is Lilith Moon. I was diagnosed a week ago, although I've had symptoms for months. I was passed from doctor to doctor all saying they believed it was fibromyalgia but no one helped me or have me medication until I could barley move, walk, or stand. I was asked what it feels like...
  4. Forgetmenot


    hello all .im new to this site but not to fibro, I'm 42 next week 😫 lol mum of 3 teens and a two year old. Had this illness years but didn't no a name till a few years ago. Stress is a big facter in my fibro, I can only say this as for nearly two months it went away to the point I was nearly...
  5. D

    Epidural or Spinal Block?

    Hello, I am new here, but also have a rare disease called SYRINGOHYDROMYALGIA. It means I have a cavity in my spinal cord. It is incurable. Before any tests were done doctors were diagnosing me with CF and Fibro. It took another several years and many tests and still no diagnosis. I was out with...
  6. J


    Hi all, I really hope this doesn't come across as me being an awful person. I'm struggling with my mothers diagnosis of fibro. She never has informed me of being in any pain, and never takes any painkillers. She is always going on holiday with her friend and has a job in which she travels in...
  7. J

    Does Fibromyalgia keep you from dancing

    I love to dance, and I can say that the medication the doctor has me on keeps me fairly active, and feeling fairly average. I can go dancing, and dance the night away, just like someone that doesn't have this condition. I can't wear boots, and dance, I have to take them off.
  8. M

    Pain med addiction

    So, I know this has been asked (dealt with) some many times on these forums... But the addiction to these pain meds (opiods) are driving me crazy! I can't get help through my insurance bc it's too expensive, I can't afford a detox facility, and I can't stop taking them. I just want to be ME...
  9. A

    Fibromyalgia affecting my marriage!

    Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone else has had their health issues affect their marriage? I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2008. Had 3 surgeries and several RAI treatments at high doses due to the aggressiveness of my cancer. I have had way too many CT scans in the past 5 years. I...
  10. D

    Hi! My 1st forum post ever!

    This is the 1st time I've dared to join a forum. But I can't deal with this anymore by myself. I need help. Just someone to listen or talk too. Just someone to tell me it'll be ok or to quit griping & deal with it! Lol. My brain fog is bad today so I'll try & make as much sense as possible! Lol...
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