1. VanGogh


    Hmm, we can't reach this page. Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address: Help with Fibromyalgia | Forum and Support Group Refresh the page Search for what you want This is not exactly what I was seeing but what I was seeing and copied is not what is here now. In other words I've been...
  2. E

    Can/how do yo delete post?

    Can you go back and delete a post you made a day before say during a "fibro fog"? Sometimes I been well but looking back it seems not so much. How?
  3. D

    Email Notification

    My email account is constantly filled up with every thread i look at i had 42 emails this morning that all need deleting. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to stop this completely? Thanks it's so annoying and more for my aching fingers to deal with paging through and pressing delete. Ah i...
  4. G

    stupid question. how to delete my account.

    So I really just want to delete my account. How do I go about doing this? I don't see an option. I thought it would help me and I don't see it doing anything. I can know the same things by using google. Its to much of a distraction.
  5. F

    Please help this scared future caregiver!

    Moderators: I apologize for the repost. With 230 views and no replies, I think my old post was just too long. Please feel free to delete it. Hello. Please help me. I need your help. Please forgive the long post, but know that I am grateful for your time. My girlfriend of three years was...
  6. A

    Can I ask for a recommendation

    For a doc in an area or is that against forum rules. I am on a phone and searching is a pain too. Lol:) I saw the doctor area but what that seemed to be was every doctor in every one of my areas with no specific personal experience attached to them. If I can, I am willing to travel from...
  7. K

    Spammers. :(

    Hi, Just wondering, is there anything more we can do about spammers? Just this week alone we've had 2. This first wasn't as bad as the one today, "naturalisbetter" spammed every post on every topic on multiple pages! Now I can't remember or find which posts are current and it's very...
  8. R

    Hi Guys!

    New member here, trying to find somewhere to get some help with learning to deal with fibromyalgia. I posted a more detailed intro in the General Discussions board.... was that wrong to do? Should I delete and move it here?
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