1. J

    Don’t always feel as bad as I did during my previous post

    I am writing to let my readers know that when I wrote my previous post, I was in the middle of a bad fibro flare. Because of my faith, I do have great hope that one day I will be healed of this terrible condition. In the meantime, I follow posts in the forum that describe strategies for...
  2. Nuala50

    Diagnosed in Aug, flaring badly

    Hi all, I'm new to fibro as a reality, though ill for 3.5 years with various 'diagnoses' e.g. IBS, depression. Feeling crazy, sore and mad as a cat the last few weeks and today was the last straw. My blurry eyes really affected my driving all day and I scraped the side of my neighbour's van with...
  3. B

    Husband Day to Day

    New to the forum and wanted to reach out to those of you that could offer some guidance on care giving role I play. My wife of 35 years has battled Fibro for 7 years now. Background: I still work full time and have to travel out of town occasionally. She manages pain with Butrans patch and...
  4. Y

    Flare-Ups & Work (Ranting)

    I have been having the start (or worsening of) a flare-up for the past three days. It seems like I am always in a flare-up since I was diagnosed a year ago. I work full time as a private security sergeant and go to school part-time. I have been trying for three days to get someone to cover my...
  5. E

    Headaches and other symptoms

    Are anyone else's issues worse at the moment? I'm wondering if it's the change of season, but I've been doing so well with my headaches and now they're back and won't completely go away and it's starting to freak me out. I thought I had found something really helpful for my headaches, so why is...
  6. E


    Hi, I don't come on here that often but i'm in need of some perspective. I have been having what I call a flare up and im scared. Its been ongoing for the last 2 weeks and usually I can snap out of it or fix myself but this time I feel like i've just gone numb. Nothing hurts, everything is...
  7. C

    Work Accommodation

    Have a job that requires me to sit, talk, and type all day. It can be very stressful at times. I’m in the processing of requesting a modification to my schedule because my two days off are not back to back and it requires me to work late. I have small children, so I still have to get up early...
  8. B

    New to the Forum

    Hello, I've been having a fibro flare up recently, so I thought that I would join the discussion. I've had fibromyalgia since 2007 or so. I have to admit that it's been so long that I don't remember exactly. I changed jobs, and have been feeling pretty good, so I haven't been to the...
  9. S

    Anyone have pain and twitching over arms and legs during a flare up?

    I’ll get sore arms and calfs along with twitching and sometimes legs will feel like they are going to give out. Anyone else experience this?
  10. K

    Hi just wanted to say hello :)

    Hi everyone. thought id introduce myself and say abit about my fibro journey. I'm nearly 34 and in the UK. I first got fibro when I was 11 . so iv had it a very long time. I have two beautiful girls who are amazing. I run my own business from my home salon offering hair and nails and I can work...