1. AdorkablesMama04

    New to Forum Long Diagnosed

    Hello all! First I want to say I'm sorry for turning what should be a short intro into a long one. Also, if you have trouble understanding I've had to start typing how things sound in my head and stop proofing my messages because it takes hours when I do and sometimes things turn out worse...
  2. E

    finding good doctors

    So I'm pretty sure we can't have a "wall of shame" board for all the dictors (doctors) we have almost all ran into. But now after another move to another state it would be great to be able to see a list of doctors that other CFS/FMS patients have had good treatment from. When my...
  3. medicmurphy

    FMS; Now CF too

    So, went to my Dr appt today as my Fibro has exacerbated to ridiculous extremes. Also, I had developed a cough that has not resolved. Result of the appointment is this; I am inflamed from head to toe, including my lungs. I will be on inhalers with other meds to reduce the inflammation. I have...
  4. A

    Completely Lost..

    Hello my name is William. I was told Friday by a specialist that he is 99% sure I have FMS. He told me that this will never go away and that I will fight it for the rest of my life. I'm only 20 years old and that was the most devastating news of my entire life. Chronic pain fatigue and memory...
  5. M

    Teeth tooth issues

    So despite my doctors and such, here's the short story - I've had FMS for probably as long as 20 years. In this time I've gone through some serious dental issues, none of which my brothers have (just a background on relatives who don't have FMS at all) I've had serious decay in my teeth to a...
  6. S

    Hello, just signed up today. 😊

    I was diagnosed of fms late last year. I feel a lot better now than before in terms of pain. But i think I've become more and more anxious and irritable. I am blaming my meds. �� Have any of you become more irritable after taking Lyrica? I am 8.5/10 super irrirable for the past few months. I've...
  7. SnowLynx

    Old but New Diagnosis

    My doctor in 2012 diagnosed me with FMS, but I disbelieved her, buying into the "we'll say that when we can't figure out what's wrong with you" myth. And I lived the next four years as if I were a well person and nearly burned out completely. A new doctor diagnosed me with FMS again and told...
  8. P

    Doctor Recommendations

    Hi, I don't know where to start looking for a doctor who can diagnose and treat FMS. My husband wants me to get a second opinion. We live in the Beaumont/Houston, Texas area. Could anyone recommend someone?? Thanks.
  9. P


    I was diagnosed with FMS many years ago. It seems I have had long periods of time that I would not have FMS symptoms over the years. Is remission from FMS possible?
  10. P

    Wine and FMS

    I was wondering what information is out there regarding alcoholic beverages (particularly) white wine and FMS?
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