1. S

    Muscle Pain/Casein

    OK, so here is a little story of what I have stumbled upon, and it probably won't work for everyone, but I imagine some... Last week my neighbor wanted to borrow my folding table. I couldn't find her number to call her to tell her to pick it up, so I decided I would bring it over. Granted, the...
  2. T

    Feeling worthless :-(

    I just need to vent somewhere where others actually understand what I'm going through. I've always been a hard working and over-achiever. I look back and see that there was a time when I was a wonderful mother. We baked together, cooked food from scratch, looked forward to preparing meals for...
  3. B

    Heavy arms, weak legs ?

    Hello! I am newly diagnosed. I was looking for others who might share the symptoms I have. It started with a tired weak feeling in my right leg when I would drive long distances. Now both my arms are usually very heavy , and get extremely fatigued after say the dishes or folding a load of...
  4. C

    In The Process

    I have been feeling that I have Fibro for a while now. I have recently gotten insurance and started seeing a family doctor. She done a huge blood work up on my a few weeks ago and everything was really good except I was like 2 points low on my Vitamin D and my liver panel was a bit off...
  5. GlumshanksGirl

    Never ending battle.

    After over 4 years of strange symptoms that left me writhing in pain, fainting, coping with brain fog and concentration problems, digestive upsets, and more I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on December 5th of 2012, 2 days after my 27th birthday. Hi, I'm Shi and I am a Fibromyalgia...