1. Tipnatee N

    Tiny house for fibromyalgia person, is it possible?

    I wonder. Since living in New York is pretty much living in a small apartment. Having many conditions I found my self trying to adjust my living style setting to where it would be safe and comfortable for me to not hurting my self while walking around doing my everyday business. And since I'm...
  2. 1sweed

    A Good Nights Sleep

    How many of you like me long for a good nights sleep without those aches and pains from trying to sleep on a mattress that is either to hard or to sagging soft. I have been using those mattress topper cotton fiber bed pads on top of my regular mattress for years. However, the last few I bought...
  3. D

    abandoned by family

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've tried to handle this fibro alone. Ha. I raised four children. I was a wonderful mom. Room mother for all of them, girl scout leader, coach for numerous sports etc..I always had their backs no matter what. As most moms do I sacraficed a lot for them. Divorced in 2005...
  4. trayne91

    This Sucks

    It started with -56 degrees here in December for the 2 weeks my son was home from college during Christmas. The furnace went out. 2 weeks after my dog of 11.4 years died in the living on the floor. Then the other dog stopped eating and we had to put him down 2 weeks later (4 weeks to the...