1. H

    In a Long distance relationship with a Fibromyalgia sufferer

    I have been in a relationship with a girl with fibromyalgia for about 6 months now and our first flair together started about 6 weeks ago. We used to talk all day everyday between texting, phone calls, and playing video games together and fell for each other fast and hard, and about a week or so...
  2. RoseQuartz

    Hello everyone <3

    Hi! I'm new here. You can call me Rose, nice to meet you all! I've only just been diagnosed with fibro a few days ago, but I've been showing signs and symptoms for years. Unfortunately, I'm not always surrounded by the most understanding people in the world. My pain is often made light of and...
  3. H

    Need suggestions

    I'm at a stuck point with doctors for the moment. My neurologist that diagnosed the fibro doesn't actually treat it and my primary doctor refused to do anything for me, including focusing me a referral to a rheumatologist as well as just being rude. I managed to leave his office without going to...
  4. K

    Long time Fibro patient needs advice

    I also have cerebral palsy. I was diagnosed Fibro (and IBS) 15 years ago. Always been mostly manageable but the last week or so has been tough. Cramps (Mostly at belly button level), constipation (I can still #2 with "effort"), no blood in stool except for when I'm straining and I wipe...
  5. T

    Good News for Once

    I went last week to see a new doctor. He x-rayed both my shoulders and my neck. He said the surgeon who did my surgery did an excellent job and he couldn't have done it any better. He said I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. He thinks it's because I tend to slouch to much. He is...
  6. V

    finding a balance... I'm off kilter.

    Balancing this mess is never easy, but lately it's frustrating sically things have gotten better over the past 6 years, and I'm grateful for that. After moving to a new town 2 years ago was a leap of faith to help my health, knowing no one here and never even seeing the apartment until I...
  7. V

    New forumite, diagnosed in October

    Hi! I was diagnosed at the very start of October. I've been living with the symptoms for years now, but the process is finally finished. What sucks the most is that I wasn't prepared for it. I'd been feeling like it was likely for so long, but when I actually got the diagnosis, I couldn't help...
  8. L


    Hey. Just wanted to join and find like-minded individuals. This website seems very helpful and I hope it will be a useful resource for me. I'm not sure how active I will be, but I decided to finally make a account regardless if I needed to post anything. I'm twenty three, female, living in...
  9. P


    I'm 64, old as dirt... I'm a veteran Fibro~Diva, diagnosed in 1985. New diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis last week....let the games begin. I have Fibro/RA, but is doesn't have me!
  10. A

    hesitant GP

    I have had the same GP for 8 years, and he's been hands down the best doc I've ever seen. In the past three years he's referred me to two different rheumatologists a year apart. They both said I had fm. I didn't like that one bit and stubbornly didn't follow up. Gotta love denial. I am now at a...