1. D

    New here

    I was diagnosed in 2006 and things have only gotten worse since diagnosed. Currently seeing a pain doctor who I feel is clueless about Fibromyalgia and wants to try the following treatments on me,some kind of shots in pain areas,which if I do that,then I'll be getting upwards to 12-15 shots...
  2. cstine

    New member in Tampa

    Hi all! I have felt so ALONE in the world lately so thought I would check into a forum... have been reading posts for the last 2 or 3 days and think i finally found people who "get me"! :) I have always had a bad immune system and have always been sick with this or that.... I was always...
  3. L

    Bad Neighbors=Bad Stress!

    Hello, everyone, sorry I haven't been on much lately. I have been dealing with so much. I live in the middle of nowhere practically and I have 1 neighbor. This neighbor moved here from a big city and he has been trying to make my life hell by threatening my life, Ramming his lawn mower into my...
  4. D

    New to Forum

    Hi All, I am from Logan City in Australia. I have been dealing with Fibro for years now but only diagnosed last year after countless bloodtests continually bring up Lupas and then when tested directly for Lupas coming back negative, also always with inflammatory markers too high. Mostly my...