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May 18, 2013
Hi All, I am from Logan City in Australia. I have been dealing with Fibro for years now but only diagnosed last year after countless bloodtests continually bring up Lupas and then when tested directly for Lupas coming back negative, also always with inflammatory markers too high. Mostly my symptoms are pain in knees, sholders, hands, headaches extreme fatigue. I work 40 Hours a week in community housing as a Tenancy Manager and sometimes high stress situations. I use up more sick days then I earn lol. My Funding for position has been cut and my contract ends in July this year. I am thinking about taking some time to search for a Rheumotologist who can help me with pain management. I have been on Mobic, also antidepressent call Pristiq to assist me with coping with the stress management which seems to caused a lot of flare ups. sorry for rambling.
Sounds like you have a good plan of action. The most important part of managing any illness is having good doctors that will treat you good and believe in you so you in turn can trust them. If you have a doctor that does not believe in fibro and diagnosises you with it that doctor will not be much use to you. If the doctor is rude to you again you need to keep looking.
I would also say that major stress can sometimes bring on the symptoms that minic fibro. Our bodies and minds can only handle constant stress for so long and then start breaking down both mentally and physically. Have you been checked for RH arthritis? And that thing about the lupus is strange as well. Have they checked you for lymes disease?
Anyways, welcome to the forum. Maybe someone else here will have some answers for you. See you around the forum. :)
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