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Apr 15, 2018
I was diagnosed in 2006 and things have only gotten worse since diagnosed.
Currently seeing a pain doctor who I feel is clueless about Fibromyalgia and wants to try the following treatments on me,some kind of shots in pain areas,which if I do that,then I'll be getting upwards to 12-15 shots when needed. Not an option.
Wanting to burn the nerve endings to stop the pain for a few months and repeat when needed,no thanks I'm not going through multiple treatments for the same end result and then he wants to put in nerve stimulators in my back. That would require surgery and no guarantee to help with the pain level I experience at times.
Every medication approved for Fibromyalgia makes me sick. I think I've went through all of them and with the same result. I'm guessing that my body rejects the medications. I refuse to use opioids for pain but have found that Zanaflex has helped some unless I'm in a lot of pain to where I can't get out of bed.
I'm on disability since I'm unable to work or even find a job that will work with me. Not what I want,I hate not working and disability doesn't even cover half of my expenses. If it wasn't for my daughter,I'd be up a creek. She is about to finish college and has been working to help makes ends meet. I refuse to go on public housing for very good reasons I won't mention here.
I currently try playing drums at least 20-30 minutes a day of possible,but there are times I don't touch them for 3-5 days because of pain. But when I do get to play it makes me forget for a short time how bad my health is.
Symptoms I have currently is,lower back pain that sometimes gets so inflamed it pushes on my spine and hurts badly and causes sharp pains to shoot down my legs. Tender all over the place,especially in the shoulders and upper back. Muscle spasms in my neck shoulders and back,neck pain. I forgot to mention I have a non displaced fracture at T2 so that puts more limits on me as far as what activities I'm allowed to do. The last 6 months I have noticed I have had a stuffy nose which doesn't go away without taking something for it and it's a crap shoot if it works. People think I'm sick all the time and I have to explain to them I'm not and why I'm like this. Headaches can be rough at times as well.
This all started with a car accident in 2006 then multiple accidents after that made it worse. Last accident in 2016,I was sitting still and was rearended by a car going 60-65 mph. Never recovered from it.
Sorry this was long and any advice on what I can do to get more relief is welcome. I'm basically homebound 75% of the time and missing out on life. It's also hard to maintain a relationship being in this condition. My gf has been more then understanding and comes over often to sit or lay with me to talk and distract me from the hell this has been on me.
Welcome, sorry I have no advice to help you as I've been recently diagnosed myself and am just starting this journey.
Hi Drummer76, I’m new too. I’m just getting started with a fibro specialist. I’m looking at starting warm water physical therapy. It might be an option to help. I liked zanaflex but had a horrible reaction to it. I get extremely odd bad side effects. It helped until the reaction. We need full body heating pads!
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