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    Hi there. I'm new here. Just need to talk.

    Hi there, I've had fibro & CFS for 6 years now. Have made slow but good progress, but still can't work outside the house. I'd be happy to share with anybody some of the meds & therapies that have been helpful for me, just ask. But also I just need to talk to someone who understands. Sometimes...
  2. B

    New to the Fibro world

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the fibro world, although I have had chronic pain for a few years, it has only been recently that my doctors have started thinking they better do something about it and get some diagnosis sorted! I am only 22 so they are being very reluctant to actually...
  3. I

    My Body has a Broken Furnace

    I am not particularly fond of this moment in time, but I am desperate to know if anyone has found any solutions to this problem. I overheat CONSTANTLY and have the worst time cooling down. Takes me forever. I drip sweat and despite the air conditioning, I often need a fan blowing directly at...
  4. V

    finding a balance... I'm off kilter.

    Balancing this mess is never easy, but lately it's frustrating sically things have gotten better over the past 6 years, and I'm grateful for that. After moving to a new town 2 years ago was a leap of faith to help my health, knowing no one here and never even seeing the apartment until I...
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    hello, thanks for chance to be here

    Joined tonight, with a sigh of relief to have found this group. Hoping tomorrow is better, less isolated feeling. Exhausted but can not sleep, so going to read posts. Talk with you all soon.
  6. L

    just say hello

    Hello! I'm a mama of 3 kids who i adore and live for! I found my way here by searching 'sick of being in pain all the time'. I haven't been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but there isn't any other explanation to the pain I've been experiencing my entire life. Its getting worse as i get older and...
  7. M

    Hi everyone another new one here :-)

    Hi I have been recently diagnosed with fibro. It is no big surprise to me that my body is finally manifesting these issues after years of chronic stress and various traumas. Even still i think i have been in the denial stages. I am experiencing a multitude of emotions, pain, physical and...
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    New Member from NB

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this site and new to the Moncton/Bouctouche NB area. I would love to meet people anywhere in the vicinity between St.Antoine and Bouctouche NB. It sure is hard meeting people when you have chronic pain/fibromyalgia:roll:
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    emotional strain

    I was first diagnosed with FMS in 2006, but I'm certain I had it much longer. The symptoms, stress, and extreme fatigue are so debilitating. I feel isolated and others seem to think I'm some type of hypochondriac. I'm always at the doctor's offices hoping to get better.
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    Long post alert: 8 things to say to a loved one with a chronic Illness

    1. I believe you: Instead of its all in your in your head. We all have heard this before and it hurts. Especially coming from a loved one. Saying these words to your loved one or fried is a beautiful gift they will be eternally grateful for. 2. I want to understand: The best way to to show...