1. E

    Ionic foot detox...yes 4 me

    So I've been meaning to post about ionic foot detox baths. I started on these at my chiropractors 10 years ago. My first time I was skeptical but I did feel ALOT better and according to the chart the number one thing that was in my water was yeast which is/has always been a problem 4 me. My...
  2. D

    New here

    I have had some odd symptoms for the past 2 years. It started with an itchy, tingling scalp and sporadic stinging sensations mainly on upper body( forearms, hands). Sometimes it feels like I have fiberglass insulation touching my skin, ants biting, etc. This sometimes goes into remission and...
  3. D

    Can the mercury in dental amalgams cause fibromyalgia?

    Ingegerd Rosborg and her colleagues from the University Hospital in Goteburg, Sweden compared the levels of trace elements in the blood and urine of 38 females with fibromyalgia with 41 female controls to determine whether these elements have any role in the causation of the disease. They...
  4. 1sweed

    Burning Mouth Syndrome

    This topic has been mentioned by a few members of the forum, so I thought I would share some information about it. Burning mouth syndrome or sometimes called glossodynia, means tongue pain. However, the pain and burning can involve the lips and tongue, the roof of the mouth and inside of the...