1. K

    New to this forum not new to FM/CFS/ME

    Hi, I have had the problems listed since I inherited it from my Mother. At 81 yrs. of age I have been through most of all the terrible things we live thru. My reason for posting is Fibro Fog & Brain Fog (CFS). In Jan. 2017 my left leg buckled & I fell ending up in the hospital. They did an...
  2. B

    Undiagnosed with Variety of Symptoms

    Hi everyone, I’m a 32 year old male and have been dealing with various symptoms since September 2017 that I can’t seem to get a firm answer. I first started having an aching pain in my left chest in September 2017. I went to the ER and had bloodwork run, an EKG, and chest x-ray that all came...
  3. R

    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    Hi! I hope you are all well, I just need abit of advice and help before I go to the dr. For years (at least 10) I have had pain, painful big knots, tightness, throbbing in my neck and shoulders, I get really bad headaches, sensitivity to light, weakness and vomiting. It isn’t constant but I get...
  4. K

    Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to have found this forum because I know nothing about fibromyalgia and was diagnosed just yesterday. Long story short - I have been having chronic pain, tingling and blurred vision off-and-on for the past two years. I have had multiple blood panels done and the...
  5. S

    Diagnosed in 15 and had years of low pain until now, does this sound like fibro?

    I am 25 years old (male) back in 2013-2014 I started having really bad calf and arm pin and had blood tests and a mri done along with a test where they shocked my muscles in my legs, sorry I can’t remember what that was called lol. Everything came back fine except that test where they shocked...
  6. A

    My Story! Please read and respond

    Hello all! I've been reading some of your stories for a day or so and I figure I join up and share mine. However I don't know if what I have is fibro but I want to share what I been experiencing for quite a while. Back in 2016 I work up one morning with lower back pain, it wasn't extremely...
  7. F

    Years of suffering, could it be Fibro?

    I’m about to turn 25. I’ve been sick for 6 years now, going into the 7th year. I have seen tons of doctors, including specialists at Cleveland Clinic, and have had many tests done, but not one doctor has been able to diagnose me. A couple doctors have even said that it’s all in my head and told...
  8. C

    Weakness. Is it fibro?

    Hi guys, I have been having issues since I had my first Caesarian back in November 2011 and it's been getting progressively worse. My mom had Fibromyalgia and is convinced that's my issue but I'm not so sure. I don't get a lot of pain which is primarily what fibro is, as far as I know. I do...
  9. Sagey

    Numbness in both feet

    ]Hi guys, Has anyone with Fibro experience numb feet continuously. Mine started 2 weeks ago very numb on the soles of my feet, but hasn’t gone away.I don’t have Diabetes,’ and this is kinda scary because it does affect the wake I walk and sense things. I had an MRI to make sure my back hasn’t...
  10. 1sweed

    "Fibromyalgia: New Insights, New Hope" Part 1

    Study about Fibromyalgia, provides new insight into what it is and possibilities of treatment. Show in medical terms but easy to understand.