1. K

    Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to have found this forum because I know nothing about fibromyalgia and was diagnosed just yesterday. Long story short - I have been having chronic pain, tingling and blurred vision off-and-on for the past two years. I have had multiple blood panels done and the...
  2. W

    Can Surgery cause fibromyalgia/CFS and does using CPAP machine make the pain worse?

    40ish male, not over wieght and still working Quick History, 2014 cancer surgery, tumour removed, skin flap, graph. 2015 apporx 18 months later, rapid weakness, vision and muscle fatigue issues 2016 after MS clinic, Neurology, rheumatology, multiple MRI's every known body scan, blood test...
  3. B

    Worse pain ever today

    Hi I just need to moan. Last night was a difficult night sleeping, I was awake more than asleep from pains in my calves and feet. Woke up and thought if I get up and walk around have breakfast it might ease off, it hasn't, it is now 6pm Australian time and it is as bad as at the beginning of...
  4. J

    Need Help - at a loss

    Hello everyone. This is my very first post! I have an appointment (again) with a rheumatologist tomorrow so wanted to get some advice. My GP thinks I may have fibro. So this all started back in July 2014 with what was back pain. Did chiro, got a little better, then got bad in my legs as...
  5. V

    Have any of you been referred for investigations into your health problems ?

    Hello to all, I have joined this forum with my daughter in mind. She has been terribly ill for around nine years though the illness has changed over that time. It is thought she has f.b. During the last few years her doctors have largely treated her as though she has a mental illness. She has...
  6. O

    When your specialists don't agree--then what?

    Hi I'm new to this forum and am happy to have found it. I have been struggling with a growing list of what I believe to be fibromyalgia, but in at least 8 years of dealing with this I have yet to have a doc identify this is a diagnosis until recently. I have an internist seen for many years, a...
  7. sleepygrumpydopey

    Just diagnosed, frustrated, and Humbled!

    Hi there, My journey: My mother had RA and used to tell me she was "crippled after I was born" and couldn't walk for weeks. I used to laugh at her silently and think she was being a little dramatic, couldn't believe that was true. After my daughter was born, I was 29, I have head to toe...
  8. B

    Men don't have Fibromyalgia! OSIT

    Grab a snack this could take a while. I'm 38 years old. Male. A Medically Retired Navy Helicopter mechanic. I have had two microdiscectomy/laminectomy surgeries along with the removal of disk material from L4-L5 and L5-S1. I suffer from chronic back and leg pain and have since 1995 when I and...
  9. E

    what is it?

    I just want to know what is wrong...I have burning pain in all my muscles even when doing just daily doctor seems to know and lets do more tests. Now waiting for neurology referral. Just so tired.
  10. T

    not sure it relate to fibro

    I 44 year old I have fibrous since 2003 the meds work great for a while. I was on strong pain Med for 4 years and once I got off the pain Med it seems like my life with fibro got a lot worse my feet got super hot at night and my foots was numb and tingling and now my feet feel it hard for me...