1. S

    feeling hopeless

    So I have a kidney transplant and about 40% efficient there and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year. I have not been able to hold permanent full time employment due to chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and pain/neuropathy. My last two employers said they would work with me on the...
  2. F

    I think I found the cause!

    Hi, so I was convinced I had leaky gut syndrome for the past month or so, probably due to celiac disease. It doesn't look like I have celiac, so I thought next that this has to be leaky gut. Now I got a book from the library about fibromyalgia, and I am watching a YouTube video on it and OMG...
  3. R

    Hello! I'm Rhi and I have Fibro/CFS and diabetes.

    For years, my previous doctor told me that I was exhausted and in pain because I had sleep apnea even though I never once snored or stopped breathing in my sleep. He told me I was overweight and all my pain was because I was too fat. (I don't disagree that my weight was an issue, however at this...
  4. S

    greetings from MI by the lake

    I have been diagnosed with CFS butI think my symptoms corrolate more with fibro myself. I have also been diagnosed with central pain syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. I have been suffering in pain since my thirties, and I am fifty four now. I had spinal stenosis diagnosed about eight years ago...
  5. C

    Weakness. Is it fibro?

    Hi guys, I have been having issues since I had my first Caesarian back in November 2011 and it's been getting progressively worse. My mom had Fibromyalgia and is convinced that's my issue but I'm not so sure. I don't get a lot of pain which is primarily what fibro is, as far as I know. I do...
  6. 1sweed

    VIDEO: Small Fiber Neuropathy / Anxiety & Depression
  7. F

    New Member and Fighter of Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone! I am a new member of this forum and a recently found out from my Neurologist that I have Fibromyalgia. Being 23 and hearing this news, on top of my other auto immune disorders is a little depressing. I was a very healthy, active, happy girl 5 years ago, before weird symptoms...
  8. EllaForgotten

    My personal Topamax story & pain.

    So, I was looking around the web for options to talk to my doctor(s) about with regards to fibromyalgia and ran across a link for Topamax. I was on Topamax over a year ago for neuropathy, and... it has just occurred to me that the pain began to get worse and worse AFTER I stopped taking it...
  9. N

    TENS unit for pain adverse reaction??

    I bought a TENS unit a few days ago and have been using it daily. I went to the doctor yesterday they checked my BP and the left arm was 74/48 and the right was 98/54. I'm not sure of the bottom numbers so don't quote me. I've always had low blood pressure but not that low especially in the left...
  10. E


    I'm woundering if any of y'all that have been to neurologist have been tested for "small fiber neuropathy"? I was never prescribed a "neurologist" and just read an article that sounds promising. (But don't they all!?). I insisted on a Brain MRI last summer so and had just asked my doctor for...