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  1. K

    New to forum and saying Hello

    Hello all, I have fibromyalgia and all the other wonderful gifts (lol) that come with it - anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of focus, loss of cognitive function, can’t handle any sort of stress or pressure. It’s really putting a strain on my marriage and affecting my 7 year old daughter...
  2. D

    Hello - new to forum; not new to Fibro

    My name is Dawn and I am 67 yo. I was diagnosed in my 40's. But I know I had it beginning in my 20's. Fibro is a major life disrupter. I pushed myself through my life - work, and all the other life activities. I had a break down in my early 50's and had to retire. I loved my job and I had...
  3. K

    New to forum. Fibro sucks.

    I am in my 40's. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, after 5 years of misdiagnosis and doctors thinking i'm crazy. I had gone through extensive testing for Lyme, Lupus and MS. And doctors telling me I was depressed and that's why I felt the way I felt. I thought I WAS going crazy. My life was...
  4. C

    Do you think I might have Fibro?

    Hi – new to forum. Wondering if anyone thinks this sounds like Fibro. It has been suggested by a doctor in the past but no one has ever addressed it further. I am 51, female, and in generally good health. I do have irritable bowel syndrome - have had it for 30 years. It presents with bad...
  5. D

    New to Forum and Diagnosis

    Hi! I actually joined the forum over a month ago. I thought it was about time to say hi and thank everyone for the posts and info I have gotten from here. It is so much better to hear it from people that are experiencing it. Some of my symptoms have been brushed over because they didn't...
  6. A

    New to Forum

    Hello...I am new to the forum. I've had fibro for about 15 years. Just wanted to say hello. Seeing all the posts on here is already a little overwhelming due to the fog I am dealing with now. Looking to make new friends who are dealing with the same.
  7. AdorkablesMama04

    New to Forum Long Diagnosed

    Hello all! First I want to say I'm sorry for turning what should be a short intro into a long one. Also, if you have trouble understanding I've had to start typing how things sound in my head and stop proofing my messages because it takes hours when I do and sometimes things turn out worse...
  8. Carmen

    New to forum / Struggling with Fibro DX

    Hey all! Hoping to learn new information and techniques on how to cope, support and symptoms, etc....
  9. S

    New to forum

    Hi my name is Sue and i am new to the forum.Wanted to say hello and any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. K

    New to forum not to fibro.

    Hello, I am a male and I have fibromyalgia. I believe my fibro was triggered by serious medical issues, endocarditis, stroke and breast tumor, I went through in 2012. I am having a tough time. I know my fibro has progressed. Some say it doesn't, but I will tell you I used to get periods of...