1. C

    Drug induced symptoms

    There are drugs that damage parts of your body that can produce symptoms of fibromyalgia
  2. C

    Should I care?

    I'm mostly only making this post because someone I care about told me I should look for more answers. I've only had fibromyalgia for about 4 years, and the first year or so I could still kind of function but it's slowly become worse and worse. For a long time I tirelessly pursued relief and...
  3. DoobieBrother

    Sex and FM

    I thought long and hard about this post....hmm, maybe not the best choice of words with which to begin such a thread !:shock: Lemmee try again ;) I'd like to know if other men have similar difficulties when it comes to marital relations, FM, and opiates. If dealing with pain, lack of sleep...
  4. M


    Reluctantly I tried Cymbalta (again). I'm waking up with stomach pain, heart palpatations. I know he's trying to put me on antidepressants because he doesn't want me on opiates, I'm only on 10 mg. 2 times a day. I'm not sure what to do, nothing else helps and I so don't want to be couch bound...
  5. D

    Kratom: A Fibro Essential

    7 months ago i had never heard of Kratom. After trying a few samples from a friend that vaguely told me about it, i became an avid researcher and epxerimenter. Throughout the internet you will find wildy opposing views about this simple, mostly legal plant. One thing that is for sure is that is...
  6. P

    Tapentadol, best drug I've tried!

    Hi there I wanted you all to know Ive found a drug the makes life bearable again!I have been to pain management so many times and thought I had tried everything and was losing hope as my latest tramadol and lyrica duo was not working so well any more, then the pain doc whips out a chart of fibro...
  7. W

    Constant agonizing pain

    The problem I see with Fibromyalgia is that it is still not understood why the fibrous muscle tissue forms and continue to build without ever healing. I believe the nerves that run through these muscle fibers are constantly causing the pain we all feel. I have had electrical muscle stimulation...
  8. D

    Fibromyalgia in Australia - Hi Guys

    Hi all I'm Drew from Adelaide and would like to hear and share about other's experiences with Fibro and your pain and symptoms. I have found it very hard to get even professional help within the Pain community and Specialists in South Australia. I'm throwing my brain open for over ten years of...
  9. B

    Diagnosed over five years ago

    Howdy. Tried literally everything that was ever claimed to help fibro when I had insurance, nothing helps at all except for opiates. Was on 100 mg tramadol 3x a day and Prozac, to get pain down to 3 or 4. New doctor will only prescribe 50 mg tramadol 3x a day and won't prescribe an...
  10. A

    Pain and your outlook on life

    . I came here looking for some natural ways to deal with chronic pain rather than pain pills and opiates. I have read that a positive outlook plays an important role in pain management. I was wondering what your ideas or suggestions may be or if anyone may have some insight to share. .