1. Tipnatee N

    What type of fibro are you?

    For a very long time I'm struggeling try to figure out why are there so many different type of pains that many fibro sufferer experiences?. Some fibro sufferer I don't share any common with at all, while some I share far too many. Can we categorize our symptoms ? Which type of fibro pains...
  2. P

    Diagnosed after many years

    I am so happy to discover a place to talk about this terrible malady with people who know how I feel. Thank you for accepting me. I have been seeing the same doctor, a general practitioner, since 2011. I have basically complained of the same symptoms all these years. After my quarterly visit...
  3. O

    My Aching Muscles

    I have so many different muscular symptoms...notably tightness, spasms, twitches, and a weird problem at night that is like RLS but not actually RLS. I think it is originating in my gluten and also have problems with my traps. Anyone out there doing anything for their muscles besides...
  4. J

    New Symptoms?

    Hello, I am newly diagnosed as of January. However, I have been in pain for over a year, and felt "funny" for two years. I am suffering from RLS, muscle twitches only when I lay down, crawling feeling all over my body, achy joints, burning skin, and fibro fog. The last two days I have...
  5. R

    Sleep medications

    Sleep is a major issue with FM patients with restless leg syndrome RLS, teeth grinding and sleep apnea being common culprits. If no particular cause of sleep disturbance can be pinpointed, antidepressants taken in low doses should be given. These are not addictive and have few contraindications...
  6. B

    pillow for neck pain

    what kind of pillow suitable for our neck pain. any recomendation. my spinal stenosis in c5-c6 and combined with fibro pain disturb my sleep lately. i sleep on my back. my rls become aggregate also. i need some refresh from the pain.:roll:
  7. V

    Signs? Runs in family. Please help.

    Hey everyone. So my grandmother had fibro and I think my mother may as well. I've been researching some symptoms of fibro and have found a lot that march what I've been dealing with for 8 years, but doctors don't want to listen to me. I have widespread pain across my whole body, I have...
  8. L

    New to the "club" in western NY

    Hello out there in fibro land. Just want to say how glad I am to see this support forum. It has been very helpful. I have been having RLS for quite a few years now and lately it had gotten quite bad even in day time. Also had that warm water flush feeling in my legs. Just saw taht others have...
  9. K


    I met a Chiropractic doctor the other day and she said anyone with FM, RLS etc. should definitely see a Chiropractor. FYI, I also have RA. Has anyone tried this? she seemed to think that she could get me off the FM drugs by working on my spine. Thanks
  10. T

    What Sleep Meds Help You?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here. I have been dealing with Fibro since the late 1990's. I was taking Elavil for sleep for years. I was sleeping well with it but still having pain. About a year and a half ago my Doc took me off of it so I could take Zoloft in the day. I also suffer from bad PMS and...